Evanston Railroad Hub – Wyoming

Cruising through Evanston came by this building and decided to investigate. Knew Evanston had long been a hub of railroad activity, however, wasn’t aware of what was being done by a devoted group of railroad retirees to develop an Evanston Railroad Museum.

Visitor Center
The Tour Guide

Let’s start with a little history – In 1868, the Union Pacific Railroad began grading the area for Evanston railroad entry. A town rose from a tent and with a saloon and restaurant later built Evanston was born. On December 1st the first train arrived and a passenger depot opened June of 1869. The town was named for a railroad surveyor, James Evans, and a roadhouse and machine shop came later. These renovated sites remain with the machine shop used for area events such as weddings, proms, meetings, and the like.

The Machine Shop and memorabilia of the era

The Roundhouse was another interesting part of the tour. Trains were brought from the tracks via this turn style piece of equipment into the Roundhouse for repair.

The train would roll onto the tracks and the machine would turn delivering the railroad car into the roundhouse. Our guide gave us a ride on this machinery. What a hoot!
Final destination for train repair – The Roundhouse.
Interior of the Roundhouse

From here our tour led to where the real work was being done by those dedicated volunteers.

A bulletin board of activities.
Fixing the train from underneath

What a beauty – can you imagine what stories she could tell??

And for the future the volunteers are in talks with Union Pacific to acquire this structure. Wouldn’t it make a great brew pub? Such character.

For more information on this phenomenal tour – VisitEvanston.com or 800-328-9708.

The Stampede

To get the full Stampede effect purchased the dinner show ticket at The Cody Cattle Company which included, “an evening of fabulous entertainment and our famous chuck wagon dinner,” according to the brochure. For this “trifecta” the cost was a mere $54., so decided to partake.

The evening began with a country western band and comedian. While not a fan of country western music decided to broaden my horizons, however, remain not a fan. Band was on key, and comedian entertaining. Food was tasty and service good.

At the end of the show it was time for the rodeo. Got in my car and headed for Stampede Park.

Cody is the Rodeo Capital of the World so couldn’t miss this.

As there is no assigned seating sat next to two young Asian gals from Washington, D.C. Wow, did they like rodeo.

Here’s some pics of the activity. It certainly was an event not to be missed.

Roping the steer
Thrown from the horse
Angry, but content bull having thrown the cowboy.
And more going after the steer.

What a different night. This concludes my visit to Cody. Returning to Grand Teton National Park to catch some missed sites.

Stay tuned.

Buffalo Bill Museum: 5 Museums in One Part I: The Buffalo Bill Museum and Art Museum

This Museum has five Museums in one:

  • Buffalo Bill Museum
  • Art Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Gun Museum
  • Indian Museum

Let’s take a peek at all five starting with Buffalo Bill. Was unaware of Buffalo Bill Cody till visiting this town. He was a famous showman and footage of his shows run non-stop in this area of the Museum. He traveled the world doing his shows spending 5 years in Europe, and 30 years on the road. The art and pageantry was robust with his shows requiring 3 railroad cars for transport of props. Some memorabilia on display at the Museum.

His private tent used while on the road.

The Art Museum – much Western art was displayed here.

Frederick Remington was a personal friend of Cody’s and his studio is in the Museum,

along with a special picture of Cody. Had never seen a Remington painting, only his sculptures. Beautiful.

The sculpture collection was profound.

And if an art lover don’t miss the outside sculptures,

and here you will find Cody’s childhood home as well as a children’s playground. Never saw that in a museum before.

Next: The remaining 3 Museums.

Cody Arrival

Cody is an interesting town with several tourist attractions. The Cody Museum has five museums in one, the stampede stadium, and then there is downtown with the historic Cody Hotel. Let’s start at the hotel.

The Irma was named for Cody’s daughter. She ran the place and little has changed. It is authentic to the era.

The rest of downtown with its unique western theme.

And on to the Museum.

On to Cody

Once departed from Yellowstone came across this interesting motel, gift shop, and restaurant.

After finding several souvenirs asked about the Buffalo Bill Hunting Lodge. Being the first tour of the morning I received a one person tour learning much of Bill’s life by a fascinating guide.

Besides being a stage performer Bill was a newspaper publisher, ran a casino, had a motion picture company, and was involved in a bankrupt gold mine where he lost 4 million dollars. He spearheaded the building of a dam which was later renamed to honor him by President Truman. This cause was dear to his heart as his daughter died from drinking contaminated water.

More memorabilia at the lodge

One of the first soda machines
The Lodge Bar

What a interesting tour. Make the stop and stay for lunch.

You’ll be glad you did.

Buffalo Valley Ranch

You never know what Expedia has to offer so when this option appeared on their web site verses paying double for a hotel room I jumped at the chance. For $79. a night I slept in a tepee and believe the same rate would be for a family of four.

Inside Teepee
There are also covered wagon accommodations – unsure of price and area inside.

Arrived at 9:45 pm, and big mistake as it was dark, and too late to appreciate the area, which is beautiful. All pictures taken in this blog were at 6 a.m.

There are horses to ride at the ranch,

as well as waterfront areas to enjoy.

A full service restaurant is on site.

This family experience will be one you’ll talk about for years..

Buffalo Valley Ranch is a short ride from Grand Teton National Park in Moran, Wyoming. For more information check out the Expedia web site, or contact the ranch directly at 307-543-2477.

No financial remuneration is received from this blog, only want to share a fun time with others.

On my way to Yellowstone…

and what a way it was with Waze making the 4 hour trek into an 8 hour journey. Lost all faith in my constant companion as she, or is it he, placed me on Idaho back roads to reach my destination. Gratefully a paper map was available so constant companion, (WAZE), was turned off as I began my own piloting.

I still love you WAZE..

While the beauty of the mountains remain beyond words, the smoke from the California wildfires definitely obscured the views and burned the eyes. One wonders how those fire fighters are handling this and know there will be a special place in Heaven for them.

Note smoke

Driving I 80 West to I 84 came across Devil’s Slide. What a beautiful site of nature.

Throughout the drive NPR kept me awake and shocked with news of the Afghanistan fall. Who knew after 20 years at war a country could fall in 11 days? Saddened and sickened by what was to come I continued to drive. Then a text with an interesting picture from my daughter came to view during a brief stop. Look who she met while doing her weekend gig managing a Brooklyn Flea Market, Chuck Schumer.

Certainly lifted my spirits to continue the next 4 hours.

Have much to write about my Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park adventure. So much to see and do in nature’s bounty. Will try to make it as interesting as possible.

And as always, stay tuned.

Shooting Ranges in Wyoming

While driving to Flaming Gorge came across this dignified mountain with wooden structures around its base. Unsure if this was part of the Gorge decided to stop and explore. Looking closer found this to be a shooting range with artillery.

People were friendly, however, am not a fan of guns, and see no sense in them.

Then recalling the movie American Sniper and what occurred at one of these sites, I high tailed it out of there.

A parting shot, pardon the pun.

Little America

This historic spot on I-80 has been serving the needs of truck drivers and tourists for over 50 years. With it’s 75 cent ice cream as enticement, I stopped. It is a must see, and stop for all with it’s gift shop, food, hotel, and last but not least, gas. And with a 75 cent ice cream cone, to boot, who wouldn’t want to stop??

Food here is quick and tasty. Servings are generous. Tables are clean, and staff friendly. Had a buffalo burger, $15-, delicious, liked the lean taste. Try one.

The gift shop has much to offer. Unsure where else you could find something like this to buy for a mere $650, inclusive of drop shipping…

More “sensible” items available at the gift shop….

And don’t forget that 75 cent cone…

Wyoming Downs

Spent a fun Sunday at this local race track.


Entrance. There is a $10 admission, and don’t forget to get your hand stamped. Make sure that stamp has the horseshoe pointing up for good luck.
While I missed the flowers of Saratoga Race Track, Wyoming Downs has it’s mountain backdrop to offer.

It was Legislative Day at the Track honoring those who serve in public office. Governor Mark Gordon, was in attendance along with approximately 3500 others. I introduced myself to the Governor, handsome man, and advocate for racing.

Seems like racing is a family event in Wyoming with many children present.

Clubhouse area
Horses prepping for flight.

And we have a winner.. This female jockey is one to watch, Nakia Ramirez, as is, Jacquelyn Bobroff. Quite frankly, these two gals stole the show on this day.

There are several food vendors, adult beverage spots, and vendors at the Track for your retail pleasure. There is one racing weekend left. Opening is 11:30 a..m., with the first of eleven races beginning at 1 p.m. Wish you luck!