Nymphenburg Palace and BMW – What a combination?

This summer palace of Bavarian rulers just outside of Munich held spectacular ceilings and painted wall coverings in Baroque, Rocco, and Neoclassical styles. For me it also gave insight into King Ludwig II, designer of the Fairy Tale Castle, and made me question whether the King was “mad” or a product of an unjust environment.

Here King Ludwig II was born to a critical and challenging mother. In this Palace his father had a wall of over 30 women painted and displayed. His younger brother was schizophrenic. And beyond this are questions regarding Ludwig’s affections as his only engagement was broken and nothing rekindled with another woman.

Ludwig had a brilliant mind incorporating much of this brilliance into the Fairy Tale Castle. He was an innovator in technology and built a Munich school for those studies as he felt technology was the future. In Neuschwanstein, his Fairy Tale Castle, he even had a telephone.

But returning to the castle of his birth… here swans float in the front pond with exquisite grounds and statutes for all the public to enjoy. It is an idyllic setting. On the grounds there also is a porcelain museum and a riding stable with carriages and equestrian delights. A wonderful place for a stroll and great place for a visit.

On to BMW…

BMW or Bavarian Motor Works main headquarters is located in Munich.

Their building complex is impressive and houses their factory, museum and showroom.  

The Showroom

The company began by developing airplane propellers however post WW II they were no longer able to continue this industry. They fiddled with several options and even made pots and pans at one point, then they began with cars.

The 1950 two- seater Issetta was their first manufacture and it was stated there are still some traveling about Munich. This vehicle’s triangular shape incorporated airplane technology. One of its more interesting facets was a steering wheel in the door.

The Issetta

Since those years BMW has prospered making motorcycles, high end vehicles, and adding Fiat and Rolls Royce to their line.

Hats off to ingenuity and a long way from pots and pans.