University of Florida at Gainesville

The Gator is the University mascot, and am told they have quite the teams…

However, my university interests lie in the esthetics, and acquisition of knowledge. And what a beautiful campus. If in the area drive through the grounds. Lake Alice is a must see.

These lucky students can walk the trail surrounding this Lake, and visit the Ficke Gardens.

The Baughman Center is another beautiful spot to visit on the Lake.

Baughman Chapel

I wonder if these students realize how fortunate they are to be immersed in such beauty?

Next: Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

Resources for Pregnant Women

Fourteen out of the twenty three states with anti-abortion laws on the books provide the least amount of resources to support pregnant women.

Mississippi, who brought this case to the supreme court, ranks the lowest of all states in benefits,has the lowest birth rate, and highest child poverty.

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None offer paid maternity leave.

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Eight of these states refused Medicaid expansion.

The vast desert of what is available to these women and children…

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The majority of those who have abortion are from the lower economic class.

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Of the developed countries of the world the US is one of the few without paid maternity leave. There is nothing for post partum mental health care and relatively the same for child care.

The child care credit passed during the pandemic has expired. The Build Back Better Law which included these issues were defeated due to Manchin and Sinema.

If the current supreme court decision passes will Mississippi put their $$ where there mouth is?

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I think we all know the answer to that one.

putin Demise

It has been stated the end to the russian special operation will come with the assassination of putin. This makes sense, and predicted it will come from within his ranks.

putin is the ultimate war criminal of the 21st century.

Perhaps May 9th is the date planned for this act.

Makes sense.

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The Decision: Supreme Court on Abortion Anti, Pro, and the Future..

Seems appropriate to send this blog again in light of the news leak. The supreme court is partisan and no longer valid. Would they ever go after gun owners? No, they are mainly men.

I predict this will come to a bloody end on the streets and in bathrooms throughout the country.

Being a single parent my perspective on this issue is relevant. I’ve walked the walk, and made the decisions. My daughter’s father came from wealth, and they knew of their child/grandchild, and, did nothing. It took years before minimal child support was obtained. This is the case for many women who maintain their pregnancy. Men quit jobs, hide income, and women, therefore, children suffer.

Raising a child alone is a harrowing experience, and family support is always on their terms. I can recall constantly hearing, “You make your bed, you lie in it, ” and wonder if this is the same thought of those “lovely” Christian women fighting abortion rights. Perhaps they wish to get back at other women because they are stuck, and live unhappy lives?

Then I cringe as I recall what Amy Barrett said on abortion, I paraphrase, have an adoption. She comes from a world of white privilege, not in touch with those who are unable to feed, house, or clothe a child. But then she was a tr justice appointee, and look what he’s done to women. Having a child definitely affects the finances, and the poverty rate for single mothers was 23.4% in 2020, five times the rate of 2 parent families.

Driving through the Mid-West I passed many anti-abortion signs, and stayed in a town where there was a building with a 12 foot fence surrounding it. It was an abortion clinic, probably now defunct. It was the weekend, and the building closed, but one can only imagine what occurs during the week as these “christian” women taunt, and harass the women entering the building.

I’m sure in these towns, as it is across the nation, these christian churches have nursery collections. For those unaware, this is where righteous women donate baby wipes, bibs, and the like to “help” these poor mothers. Is this a penance for sins committed against these outcasts? I bristle when I hear women such as marsha blackburn speak, but she desires the tr v.p., slot should he run. It’s all about power for her, and politicians say they can’t get elected if they are pro-choice.

One wonders this claim, or is it these old white men can’t live with their wives if they take a stand????

Little is afforded for child care on the government level, and to locate reputable care givers is a challenge. Biden is trying, but it’s those pro-life politicians that are blocking his efforts. Irony. Hell, we can’t even get climate change legislation, and our world is falling apart, but for another day.

So what do I say to the supreme court? Here is the future of your decision should you reverse this 50 year old ruling.

And it won’t be plastic, but maybe politicians could out law them?


My daughter manages the Brooklyn and Jersey City Smorgasburg weekend event. It is a food fest galore and runs through November. For a laugh am sharing this photo she forwarded me. Free hamburgers this weekend at the French’s Mustard booth. If in Brooklyn or Jersey City stop by!

As stated in other blogs, “It is a Foodie’s Dream!”

Gayle King where are you??

Say hello to my daughter if you visit..

Gainesville: Sweetwater Wetlands Park

What a special place where gators and birds live in harmony. Lesson to us all. And seniors abound with their $15,000. cameras having lenses 2 soda cans long. Was told by one bird enthusiast he hadn’t seen so much wildlife in 6 years. Guess they were waiting for me. Take a gander and enjoy.

Cameras – A Phallic Symbol??

This area of the state is known as the wetland area according to the literature. The Park is a man-made sanctuary with the water flowing freely through 125 treated acres into Paynes Prairie and the aquifer.

Take a gander and enjoy..

A Family of Birds

Wonder if he’s trying to make a cell call?

For more information,

One last look..

Final note: bring sun screen, water, hat, bug spray, sneakers, and camera for the visit.

There are picnic tables near the entrance by the bird houses. Cost for parking $5.

Gainesville, Florida: The Visit

Had always heard Gainesville, Florida, was a great place, so decided it was time to get away. Will be in Europe from mid-May to end of June with a 5 day US return between visits. This completes reservations from 2019 and 2020. So grateful to travel companies for accommodating with no loss in funds. Am hopeful EU conflicts will not cancel these visits.

So, in the meantime… Gainesville

A little history..

Established in 1854, and named for Edmund P. Gaines, Gainesville, was part of a proposed route for the Florida Railroad Company. It served as a Confederate commissary during the Civil War and was the site of 2 battles. Prior to this in the 1600’s Spaniards, and Franciscan missionaries attempted to rule the area intrigued by its fertile soil and clear waters.

And who was Edmund P. Gaines?

Edmund was a US Army officer, (1777-1849), who attempted to preserve peace in the Southeast area of the Country, and was a distinguished Revolutionary War veteran originally from Virginia. To read more of this fascinating man,

He was also quite a handsome dude!

First stop: Givens Park

Got lost, and glad I did as discovered this lovely, serene nature park after a 2 hour drive from St. Augustine. Enjoy..

There is a playground, picnic tables, and pavilion at this Park.

There always seem to be a reward when becoming lost..

Florida Wrong Direction

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I cringe reading Florida statehouse activity. Here are their recent exertions:

  • Changing Disney tax status. Florida residents will need to pick up the tab for Mickey as a billion dollar deficit is predicted. Some counties are planning to increase property taxes by 25%.
  • The Don’t Say Gay Bill. What will a teacher say when same sex parents arrive to bring their child to school? Of that’s right – they can’t, or will face potential jail time, fines, loose their job, or all three?
  • 40% of all new Florida school text books have been excluded due to content.
  • A law banning critical race theory teaching was signed this week.
  • Recent global email from Florida department of health with fake information on hormonal therapy and transgender folk, was sent to all Florida health care professionals. It is in direct opposition to recent supreme court decisions. This email defies supreme court decisions, it is illegal.
  • New abortion law replicating other southern states.
  • Redistricting plan to enhance white residents voting power/agenda and restrict black residents became law last week. A legal challenge to this was begun this week.

Goofy, eh??

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Recently I visited Gainesville, Florida. It is a Florida anomaly, and home to its flagship state college. Will be sharing this visit in forthcoming emails. Watching these students gave hope to the future of Florida.

Stay tuned..

russian misinformation

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Interesting how the russians are framing the special military operation, (not war as one would be imprisoned for using this term), to their population. Reviewing misinformation videos regarding the war is unnerving and absurd, as:

Why would Ukraine damage and destroy their own country?

Probably the most upsetting viewed was the segment where a Mr. Rogers looking character explained the special military operation to a child. In his war of hate putin has covered all the bases with this propaganda ensuring the brainwashing of the next generation.

Latest russian casualty count is estimated at 15,000.

putin- how do you lie to a child who has lost a parent?

Ukraine is going to win this war and their beautiful country rebuilt.

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