Michael Regan – Environment Cabinet Member

At 46, Michael Regan has accomplished much, and continues to in his role as top official at the Environment Protection Agency, (EPA). Prior to his appointment Regan was in charge at the North Carolina environmental agency where he was instrumental in the Duke Energy coal ash clean-up in the state, (1/2020).

At 46, and a graduate of North Carolina A and T State University, and George Washington University, he has spent much of his time at the EPA reforming the agency which was gutted by the trump administration. His focus is on greenhouse gas emission and pollution. He is also tasked with billions to combat climate change and environmental concerns from recent Biden legislation.

What an agenda this man has. Glad we have him in charge.

Nancy Pelosi

Wrote this blog in 2020 and bears repeating. Thank you for all your amazing work!

Nancy Pelosi is an American politician currently serving as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. She is from the State of California and is currently in her 17th term working in the House having been named speaker in 2019. She is 80 years young.

Nancy is the mother of 5 children and has been married to her husband Paul since 1963. She is a strict Catholic and attended Notre Dame High School and Trinity University in Washington D.C.

Politics came early in her blood with her father being Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland and later serving in the US House of Representatives for the district. She attended her first political convention at 7 years of age. She married, had children, and returned to the political arena after her children were grown.

In her current position as Speaker of the House she keeps the House in order and assigns committee memberships and chairmanships. It is a 2 year term voted by roll call. She holds a very powerful position.

Youth Vote: They are watching..

One of the main reasons the Dems won this election is the youth vote. It will be their country, and they are playing a part. Their vote cancelled out the baby boomer vote. Interesting fact. They want climate policy, fair elections, abortion rights, and folks to get along. It is a necessity if we are to continue, and welcome their ideas at the table.

Watching the old white men in the orange prez cabinet made me cringe. There was little hope. In the Biden cabinet while we have some oldies, inclusive of my beloved President Joe, his cabinet is filled with diversity, and offices with younger folk. This is reassuring as we need these voices to channel and create policy for a new world.

Wonder what lies will be created in the orange prez 2024 bid?

Will be away for a period of two weeks after Thanksgiving. Prior to that time will be researching those new voices and blogging what I find. Am grateful that much was accomplished in the first 2 years of the Biden Presidency and hopeful that a few repub in the House will stand with Dems so more can be achieved.

We do not have the time to carry on hateful initiatives which are costly and divisive.

Let’s move forward.

Are You Pickled?

Tonight at 9 pm CBS with have a special pickleball tournament with celebrities like Emma Watson and Tige Notaro playing. And while Stephen Colbert is a pickleballer, if that is a word, he will be announcing during this event and singing the national anthem with Kenny Rogers, in lieu of playing. Profits for this event are for Comic Relief, an organization that has provided millions for children and families.

So how did this sport begin? Did you get a Christmas 2021 pickleball set from your wife, Evie, as Stephen did? It certainly has caught on – even Gayle King plays, an ardent exercise avoider, so it must be fun.

Pickleball is a sport of American origin, beginning in 1965 on Bainbridge Island off the coast of Washington. Three dads created this summer sport to entice bored kids on a vacation. Rules and hand made items were created for the sport and it now has evolved into a major sport. They even have a national organization!

So, tune in tonight at 9 pm on CBS. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh. And who knows you may pick up a new sport.

I know Rocco has.

Let the fun begin..

Last night the orange prez announced his 3rd bid for the White House. he has been teasing this for several weeks, and thankfully he gave Americans a week to regroup and enjoy the 11/8 Democratic victory lap. It is sad he cannot let go as few in the party want him in this race, however, he has $100 million in his campaign chest so he’s ready. One wonders if the 30% from the republican base who are still with him will continue to support and endorse this race. he’s lost the Aussie racist murdoch, but am sure there are others he can call on.

Between the wedding over the weekend, and Mary Trump loosing her inheritance case, he is probably charged.

Soon we’ll be seeing the antics again.

While he had two victories yesterday another legal problem began as the CFO for the tr organization rolled on him stating the orange prez personally gave approval for the frauds. Then there is the myriad of other cases pending. Not to mention the subpoena for the January 6th Committee which he ignored. And now that he’s announced his run he will be paying for his legal bills rather than the rnc. But once Merritt Garland’s decision is made all this craziness will be moot as:

U.S. Constitution Amdt 14.S3.1.1 

Disqualification Clause

“No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office…shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Oh, what a tangled web this man weaves.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, Arizona

My $5 donations to Katie Hobbs worked! As of 35 minutes ago she won by 1% , but that 1% will cause many Americans less sleepless nights. Katie Hobbs, the former Arizona Democratic Secretary of State, is 52 years old, and a graduate of Arizona State University at Tempe. She will be a stable force for the people of Arizona and unite them. Trained as a social worker she has been in Arizona politics since 2011. Am sure this former social worker will be instrumental in helping her citizen’s heal. Believe her conduct during this election as well as her thank you message reflects this:

The New Governor of Arizona, Kathleen Marie Hobbs.

I am so honored and proud to be reaching out to you for the first time as Governor-elect Katie Hobbs!

It has been a long year and a half, but in this election, Arizonans chose solving our problems over conspiracy theories. We chose sanity over chaos. We chose unity over division. We chose a better Arizona. And we chose democracy, the system of government that made America the best and most prosperous country in the history of the world.

I want to thank the voters for entrusting me with this immense responsibility. It is truly the honor of a lifetime, and I will do everything in my power to make you proud. I want to thank my family, our volunteers, and campaign staff. Without all of your hard work, passion, and sacrifice this day would not be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to thank you — whether you pitched in to support our campaign, added your name to a petition, or just took the time to open messages like this one. I am incredibly grateful for your support every step of the way.

This was not just about an election – it was about moving this state forward and dealing with the challenges of our generation.

And I’m ready to take those challenges on. As governor, I will do everything in my power to get the job done for Arizona families and deliver solutions to tackle rising costs on housing and groceries, homelessness, our water crisis, the border crisis, and to restore women’s reproductive freedoms.

These problems are urgent. And it’s going to take both parties working together to fix them.

But the attacks on democracy won’t end today with this victory. And so it is on all of us to continue to defend it.

As I have said before, I’ve never been afraid of a tough fight. And it was thanks to every single one of you that we got through this one.

Now let’s get to work.

— Katie

This is what we want, and need to hear from politicians, solutions not noise.

Thank you, from one Kathleen Marie to another.


Picture taken from https://www.maralagoclub.com/photo-gallery

This weekend a lavish wedding was held at Mar a Lago. The bride was Tiffany trump, 29, the daughter of the orange prez, and his second wife, Marla Maples. Tiffany married 25 year old Michael Boulos, a Canadian whose family hails from Lebanon, and have a conglomerate of businesses throughout the world.

What a place for a wedding. Wonder what you give as a wedding gift?

Tiffany was proposed to in the White House Rose Garden where she was given a $1.2 million diamond. The couple have dated for four years. The Mar a Lago event had 250 attendees with politicians such as Matt Gaetz and his wife in attendance. The other trump children were present and some part of the wedding party.

No pricing was listed on the web site, however, what is that adage – if you are asking the price you can’t afford it.

Congratulations to the bride and groom. Interesting they planned their wedding in November,


Naomi Biden will be marrying Peter Neal on November 19th at the White House.

Naomi and Peter

See my blog for specifics on the happy couple – https://youngretireeneedsalife.com/2022/08/05/been-a-week/


This weekend read the reasons why the red wave didn’t occur. Pundits stated their opinions about the orange prez causing this. Whatever you think believe Adam Frisch of Colorado running against lauren boebert, the gun toting, maga Bible candidate, cornered the market on the reason for this. While this race remains at 50/50 as of Sunday, November 13th, Frisch has a 73 vote advantage. Having followed this race and contributed to Adam am hopeful the folks of Colorado will place him in office. Glad those $5 contributions helped.

In the Frisch interview he states Americans are tired of the Angertainment Industry, and want kitchen table issues resolved in our legislative body. Things like climate change, inflation, health care, education for our kids, are several issues he wants to work on.

That’s Adam in the middle.

Citizens are tired of the angertainment. and with many House races not yet called let’s hope the Dems hold on to the House. reps have vowed to open more congressional investigation into Hunter Biden. As of 5/22, Hunter Biden already paid one million in back taxes, and the IRS is looking into further charges . Do we really need to continue down this path to find nothing as we did in the Clinton Whitewater scandal which cost taxpayers $6.2 million giving jobs to ken starr and brett cavanaugh with no charges found.

The IRS will get you every time. Best to overpay.

I rest my case.

Ramblings on abuse

When reading of the Twitter purchase I cringed. If you ever read of Elon Musk’s early roots one would understand how he is the man he is today. Raised by a harsh, (to say the least), father who is still alive, and a mother who called him boy genius, he had much baggage. What he will come up with or loose in this purchase we have yet to see, however, we have had a foreshadowing of his tactics with other endeavors. Perhaps someone can talk some sense into the man, and show kindness in their guidance.

As the wealthiest man on the planet he is in a position to create or destroy. Concerning.

In any position choose love, however, this requires practice. I know and am not perfect.

When living in the south back country the staff I worked with had a saying he beats you up on Saturday, and we all go to church on Sunday. They laughed, however, I knew this to be true. Domestic violence is rampant effecting those beaten, and those observing the beating, children.

For me this was another nail in the coffin of organized religion as these women often went to their preachers receiving no assist. While I believe in God, those who preach the word of God have their own agenda to maintain coffers. And while not all bad many are concerning. I often wonder why religious institutions are not taxed by government since their messages are political.

Free speech and thought is certainly not on their agenda.

Who is interpreting the Word of God to you?

It took me 65 years to understand this. Observing the volume of southern christian schools I realize it will take decades or centuries if we will ever change this process of indoctrination. It’s the same methods as used with communism starting with young minds.

Recently I caught a fox news panel of women speaking about children’s discipline. They all were in agreement to hit the kid, slap them good when punishing. Does this really help or terrorize the child, and we all know the latter is the answer. Perhaps this is why these women spread lies, hate, evil, and deceit in their broadcast as they were raised by a harsh man as Elon was?

Have said much in this blog. They are simply thoughts. Thoughts pass. However, do they, or do they foment creating people like putin?

We’ve had a rough patch with a past president continuing to stir the fans of hate, a pandemic, a horrific war across the pond.. Perhaps it’s time to be kinder and this starts with ourselves.

Something to think about.

I know I do.

Stop and smell the roses.

Peace Talks

Rumor has it that the russian’s are leaving parts of the Ukraine and intimating that peace talks may begin. With 100,000 russian casualties their loss is looming large. While I wonder what took so long, who is going to tell putin to stop? And if they did they are in Siberia, thrown off a roof, and effectively silenced. In these talks they need to have putin removed as one of the stipulations.

Get rid of putin.

With the horrors of this war unsure how this area can ever live in peace. The Ukrainians did nothing to provoke this and their losses unbearable. President Z. wants all the lands taken by russia returned and for russia to pay for the rebuilding of Ukraine. I believe this is fair and the least which could be done after what this aggression did to a peaceful people.