Carmine’s and Hadestown

Have always wanted to go to this famous Italian restaurant on 200 West 44th Street and finally did. Everything is served family style and delicious. Waiters are pleasant and portions enormous so bring an appetite and they’ll provide to go bags for what you can’t accomplish. Prices are high, but it’s New York City and memories will last forever.


Thought Hadestown was a story about a town in the South, and boy was I wrong.. Hadestown is a musical based on a Greek myth. Orpheus goes to the underworld to rescue his lover, Eurydice, and it doesn’t work out. The music and dancing is exciting but story line was not enough to capture my fancy.

After another NYC Broadway disappointment on to Rockefeller Center…

I’ll always have Carmine’s…

Diana, The Musical

Broadway’s Flop of the Season – What a travesty.

The cast of characters – let’s hope this play doesn’t ruin their careers.

The Daily News called this musical, “tabloid trash,” and that was kind. This was a Christmas gift to my daughter and her beau. Having spent well over $300 in tickets I was embarrassed and displeased with this rollicking romp of poop. However, my daughter turned this calamity into fodder reciting the several of the songs misaligned rhymes making this debacle a hit which will forever added to my list of Top 10 Flops.

One thing they did get right was the clothes.

Radio City Music Hall

What an amazing theatrical experience!

The Rockettes rock, and the creative team who developed this new show spent their Pandemic time well upgrading the production. If you are ever in New York City during this event – go. Given to me by my daughter’s beau as a Christmas present it will be a time I will always cherish.

While the performances were spectacular no photography or video is allowed, but the Music Hall is a masterpiece in and of itself.

What a greeting as you walk into the Music Hall.

Costume displays are present throughout the theater. There were many young ladies with Rockette dreams ogling these displays.

Don’t miss the Rockettes at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Freestyle Love Supreme

Selected this next play as wanted to give Lin Manuel another chance. This 90 minute improv show won a special Tony award for its creativity. The engagement is 3 months till January 2, 2022, so if a fan get your tickets now, but am certain seats will be available. Performers take ideas from the audience, and with a couple musicians they sing and do vignettes based on these ideas.

Having hated Hamilton and In the Heights, both too loud and busy, (left with a migraine), did not plan on enjoying this, however, wanted to give Lin one last try. Wish I didn’t bother, and had my $78. back, however, that said many around me did enjoy whatever was going on on stage.

Caveat: Lin was great in Mary Poppins, the recent movie update.

Day 2: NYC 11/2021 AYAT

Started this very busy day at a Palestinian restaurant in Brooklyn: AYAT – what delicious fare!

A must read – food made with love, how delightful and delicious…
The Menu – there was much to choose from and abundantly served.

The Preparation..

The entire family is involved in the restaurant.

The decor..

Last, but not least the food – magnificent.

Ayat is located at 8504 3rd Avenue Brooklyn. A must visit for the palate.

New York City Visit November 2021

Returned to my favorite City in the world for a 6 day stay. Was action packed and what fun! Read on….

View from a quiet Chinatown street…

Started my visit by exploring Chinatown, then on to the Jagged Little Pill. To attend a play, one must have their vaccine card, photo id, and mask on. This is taken seriously by those employees checking the information outside the theater. As a nurse concerned for my colleagues who will be entering a 5th wave this winter, risking their lives for the crazed, ignorant, stubborn idiots who are unvaccinated, I was grateful to see this process taken so seriously.

Jagged Little Pill

This play featured the songs of Alanis Morissette and was nominated for 15 Tony Awards – winning 2 of the coveted prize. In September cast members alleged mistreatment, an odd thing for a play which has nods to the black movement, rape concerns, and opioid crisis overtures.

The story line is based on a perfect white Connecticut family who adopted a black daughter years prior. The natural born son is headed to Harvard, the mother is enthralled in an opioid drama due to a car accident injury, the father is into porn, and the daughter is bisexual. It is a heady play with all these controversies, and despite music and humor thrown in the mix, it was too much. Be prepared for a sing a long as audience members sing the Alanis songs along with the cast. And having lived in Connecticut the characters are true to form – pretentious and damaged.

Prices for the play aren’t too severe – from 70 to 170 with Ticketmaster fees. It would not be my first choice but if you want a sing a long with friends, this play is for you……

Good-bye Wyoming

Twilight Stroll

It’s coming to the end of my Wild Wyoming stay. Have enjoyed seeing the West. Will miss the Wyoming people. They are truly wonderful, and this has become my most favorite stay. I will always recall the mountains and wildlife which crossed my path during walks on the local nature path.

So with much regret I will be leaving Wyoming returning to Florida for 10 days then north to another travel nurse experience.


If you ever get the chance, visit Wyoming. It will remain a fond memory forever.

Seattle Airport

Never reviewed Seattle Airport. Found the place eco-friendly and into their brand, “Seattle.”

The “Brand”


Had interesting restaurants with good selections..

And liked some of the decor..

Nice place for kids to chill..

Adequate spot for dogs to relieve themselves..

But the three things I liked best.

#1. Seniors at the Information Booth – they have patience and knowledge of the area.

#2. Safe Airport Sign – also should add human trafficking and place one in each bathroom.


#3. Flush Toilets – with water at such a premium who needs these electric monsters? How many times have you flushed once with these?? Never. These automatic water wasters flush at least 2 and up to 4 times. What a water waste. And how many times have you walked through a bathroom and had all 10 stalls flush as you walked through?? These need to be outlawed. It’s the least we can do is to flush our own excrement and a step closer in saving water, our most precious resource.

Glad to see someone is thinking about the future.

Hat’s off to you, Seattle. Probably Bill Gates is on your airport board or ever better, Melinda. She’s one mover and shaker.

Brooklyn Visit

Made an error in calculation on my return flight requiring 2 nights in New York rather than one. Had planned an overnight in Newark Airport as my arrival was at 8 pm and departure at 6 am., however, Newark was under construction and not allowing anyone to stay in the airport. Never like to leave an airport with early morning flights, especially in winter. Hotels are costly, and getting transport back to the airport even more problematic. Have met some fascinating folk on these airport overnights and never felt unsafe.

Newark Airport.

All that said… called Jeanie, the daughter, and she picked me up at the airport with future son in law, and Mo, the dog. Spent 2 glorious overnights in Brooklyn. Didn’t want her to rise at 4 a.m. for my early flight, however, she did as it is problematic getting to Newark from Brooklyn. While only 13 miles the cost is $90 in cabs due to the bridge tolls. Jersey transit does not operate 24 hours and NYC public transit connections are equally challenging.

Mo, the grand dog, was a little cold when he picked me up..

Jeanie lives in the 20th Avenue area of Brooklyn and for January and February I will be living there on another nursing travel assignment. She and future son in law are working the Sundance Film Festival where love first bloomed, (thank you Robert Redford), and I will be a Brooklyn girl.

Brooklyn Visit

What an interesting place Brooklyn is.. Here Russians and Chinese live together in harmony and the best of many worlds is seen in their foods. Some of my new neighborhood haunts..

No, this isn’t a garbage pick up.. This Chinese restaurant makes lunches for area businesses…

And last, but not least, the Russian Deli… YUM

Then there are the dress shops.. WOW!

Looks like 2022 is promising as a Brooklyn girl!


This Ionian Coast city has much charm and character. The birthplace of Mathematician and engineer Archimedes, it was once a major Mediterranean power broker.

Came across this interesting site in the bus parking lot…

Finding bathrooms in Europe is problematic. Always have a 50 euro piece with you for this event as bathrooms are not free and a big business for the locales.

After a short walk from the parking lot came upon this former post office which is now a prominent city hotel.

A marina view

And finally, the ruins, but as you can tell I am “ruined” out as this was the last day of the journey.

And next to the ruins the Church of St. Paul

Broke away from the tour and explored the city streets solo..

More charm – lovely balconies..

The locales are very generous to their kitties…

Modern Church celebrating the Blessed Mother.

More ruins next to the modern church.

And for a laugh – look what I came across…

You never know what you’ll see when traveling.