Groupon and now Yahoo

Just spent an hour with Groupon trying to use their customer service and figure out Groupon bucks. While I write extensive messages to the service after unhelpful customer support nothing will change. I am the idiot to continue using them. Then I look at their stock prices and see what they are worth. Last year it was over $3 a share and now $1.

Next I get a message from Yahoo saying they are saving me 10% on a service I was paying $3.49 a month for which they are increasing to $4.49 a month. I’m not good on Math but doing these figures, Yahoo you are increasing the service 10% a month. I tried to write to customer service but it all somehow disappeared.

It’s another miserable Florida rainy day … will spend hours trying to figure out how to notify discontinuation of services. They ask for a screenshot. What the hell is that? In the future I’m sure I won’t know how to make a phone call.. Oh wait, that already has happened.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a country music icon and living legend. She sings, writes songs, acts, authors books and is an American businesswoman. Born in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, to a poor family of 12 children she began writing songs at age 10 after receiving her first guitar. From there she began singing in church and shortly thereafter a career was born.

She is known for her sensitive songs and soft vocals and has won numerous awards throughout her career. In 1999, she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

On another front she is known for her wide humanitarian efforts and generosity. And in 1986 she developed the Dollywood Theme Park in her home town of Pigeon Forge where 3 million people visit annually.

Currently, she is 74 years young and still on the concert tour actively performing. She has no children and has been married to her husband, Carl, for over 50 years.

Go, Dolly!

Quieter Times in D.C.

Reflecting on my late April visit to Washington D.C. here are some pictures of the Capitol area. We are so very fortunate and blessed with our democracy.

Let us stay strong and pull together.

The Pentagon
The Air Force Memorial and Pentagon
The Air Force Memorial
Iowgema Memorial
View from the Iowgema Memorial
New Carillon being built on memorial grounds.
Let us not forget.. Arlington National Cemetery

We are a united nation.

“Who couldn’t like Joe Biden?”

This is the new Republican Party mantra. As former President Bush endorsed Joe, one wonders who is next??? Cindy McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Lisa Murkowski, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Jeff Flake, millionaire donor Francis Rooney???

Believe the new initiative Republicans For Joe Biden is gaining.

For the country to survive let’s hope so.

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Fascism: Hitler Lessons

Here’s what Hitler did during his reign of terror:

  • Held large gatherings of people screaming his message
  • Promised people a better life
  • Offered simple solutions to complex problems
  • Encouraged propaganda
  • Squelched the media
  • Eliminated opposition in his government
  • And then the citizens had to go…

Does this sound familiar?

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But this is America.

Cuomo Emails

Every night I look forward to the Governor Cuomo emails. While the updates are informative I also enjoy the light news at the end of the email. There always is something uplifting be it art, music, or animal stories.

Though I am grateful the Pandemic is coming under control I will miss these emails. Do you think he would mind continuing???

The History of Facism in Europe

All Americans should watch this Rick Steves PBS special. It speaks of charismatic leaders with simple messages. These autocrats transfix people with a common vision and individuality is lost. The leader is paramount and all others are squelched and stopped.

As Rick said we need to not forget the lessons of history.

Scary to say but this is America right now.

A Light in the Storm

Two days ago I tweeted about a black man who lost everything in the Minneapolis riots. His restaurant was to open within the week and was in tears on the news broadcast.  A Go Fund Me Page was developed for him immediately after broadcast and over one million dollars has been raised.  He was interviewed last night on CBS News and is planning to buy a building for his restaurant with the money and start a non-profit organization.   


Thanks, Stephen

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to sum up this time in America with clarity, direction, and comfort. And hats off to John Baptiste for offering optimism.

But back to Stephen, maybe a good V.P. for President Joe?

What a hoot, and we’d probably get things done.