Chip Bill, Climate Change and Gun Control Legislation…

Are we starting to get some things done?

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Let’s hope so.

Here’s a rundown if you aren’t following..

Chip Legislation

The US manufactures about 10%, (don’t quote me here, but the figure is very low), of the chips we currently need and use. This has become a national security issue as we need these items for defense as well as almost EVERYTHING…. Gina Raimondo, Secretary for Commerce, and formerly Rhode Island Governor, put together this amazing bill incorporating benefits along with safeguards to get this legislation passed. Brilliant woman, magna cum laude Harvard in economics, Rhodes Scholar, the list is endless…………………. Heard her speak on a plane podcast, and man she can hold her own against the best of them – if you ever have the chance to hear her speak, make the time.

One to watch..

The Climate Change/Tax Bill – Schumer and Manchin

After the angst Manchin created, Biden tasked Schumer to work with Manchin to accomplish something on these issues. They had been working together quietly for several months and this is the compromise.

  • 15% corporation tax on companies making over $1 billion a year
  • Beefed up tax enforcement for the wealthy
  • By 2030 40% cap on carbon emissions
  • Tax credits for solar panels, batteries, and other tech items

The beauty of this bill is 60 votes are not needed in the senate for passage. Expected to be on Biden’s desk by next week. Prayers answered, now if we could only get putin and his thugs.

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Gun Control Legislation

This law, 10 years in the making, (disgusting isn’t that?!), finally made it through June 2022 by the dogged efforts of Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut. It closes the boyfriend loophole which no longer allows stalkers and the like to get a gun, red flag laws, which allow police to remove firearms from homes where there is potential problems, and increases mental health funding.

This is the first gun control legislation in decades.

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Some good news for the weekend.

Thanks, Joe.