Things Forgotten

Must admit am a little rusty in traveling abroad. The following four items bear mentioning..

  • Hotel floors begin at level 0. If your room is on the 4th floor it actually is the 5th. For skeptics who wish to avoid the 13th floor don’t take a room on the 12th floor in the EU.
  • To obtain electricity in the hotel room there is a small plastic sleeve next to the door. Slip the plastic key card in it and Viola – you have lights! And don’t forget that is where your room key is stored…
  • Potty charge – challenging to find a loo without paying a fee of .50 euros. How I miss the US on this one….
  • The EU has different plugs. Have used this Amazon one for years, but also bring a bag of adapters as more than one is needed. As things have progressed am finding more and more hotels have USB ports for adapters sometimes even hidden in the base of lamps. This lessens the need for adaptors.
Haozi $16.99 Amazon, and I receive no financial gain from this recommendation, only grateful to pass it on. Have had “challenges” with others.. This blue baby has even survived water damage, though don’t recommend you test it. Ha! Ha! as my daughter would say. The picture is the size of the device.

Despite these minor hiccups am surviving my second EU trip post pandemic. Even did a subway in Vienna today, but that is for later.

I remain a Europhil, and once a Europhil, always a Europhil.