The Studio

Warhol created many movies. In this exhibit the “Factory,” where he created these movies was reconstructed.

The Silver Factory had 3 different Manhattan locations during it’s lifetime. Here is a listing of some of the celebrities who visited.

Liza Minnelli

David Bowie

Grace Jones

Truman Capote

Betsy Johnson


Lou Reed

Keith Richards

Warhol’s Factory provided an oasis for the free thinking of the World.

What a treasure he was.

Warhol: The Exhibit

The last 10 years of Andy Warhol’s life was his most proliferative creating greater than half of his works during this time. These works depict cultural events, celebrities, cowboys, and Native Americans. The works are known as his Myths Collection.

Let’s check out a few:


Superman was AW’s idol from 8 years of age. The tale of Clark Kent intrigued the young boy plagued with the debilitating St. Vitus’ Dance.

Santa Claus

An enormous fan of Christmas, his Santa Claus portrayal. In his early days as a NYC commercial artist he was often involved in Christmas decorating.


Hattie McDaniel was the first black actress to win an Academy Award. She won for her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind in 1940. She was unable to accept the award as the ceremony was held in a white only theater.

“Beyond Travesty,” author comment…

Uncle Sam

Theodore Roosevelt

The Napkin

Warhol was a generous to those who requested his autograph. Often he added doodles on whatever was available. Many times it was a napkin. Here is one of his gifts.

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Last Leg of the Hickory Museum Tour: The Andy Warhol Exhibit

What a surprise to find such an extraordinary exhibit of Warhol in Hickory, North Carolina!

Let’s start with Andy in review..

1928 – born to Slovakian immigrants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1936 – contracts a neurologic disease characterized by involuntary movements which keeps him home from school. During this period AW develops an affinity for comics, Hollywood, and paper cut outs.

1930-1940 attends free art classes at the Carnegie Institute

1941 falls in love with Picasso after an art show at Carnegie

1945-1949 studies at Carnegie becoming a commercial artist

1960 begins to work in Pop Art

1962 Campbell Soup Cans begin..

1968 shot by an actor from one of his films, leaves him scarred emotionally, and physically for life

1970 Studio 54 regular, continues working in art and film

1981 Myth Series, AW’s most proliferative period and the basis of the Hickory exhibit

1987 death from complications of gall bladder surgery

The Shadow, self portrait of a genius and giant of the modern art world

Hickory Art Museum: Folk Art

Was first introduced to folk art in Wilson, North Carolina, in Vollis Simpson’s Whirligig Park. Became intrigued and then came upon Abby Rockefeller’s vast and complete collection at the newly opened Folk Art Museum at Colonial Williamsburg. This is the creme de la creme of this art, and if you enjoy these pictures take a trek there. Why do I like this art? Well, it makes me smile, and in some circumstances laugh, and during these times we all need to laugh.

All that said, what is folk art?

Folk art is an expression of community life, made by untrained artisans in mediums such as quilts, toys, jewelry, and other items of utilitarian value. It is decorative and colorful. Grandma Moses of Vermont, is an artist of this genre. Let’s take a look at what the Hickory Museum has to offer. It is sublime.

Colonial Soldier

A close up of the family behind the soldier

Other samplings

Since I mentioned Grandma Moses of Vermont, this is the Grandma Moses of North Carolina.

Meet Minnie Reinhardt of Catawba County, North Carolina. This lovely lady began her career at 77, with a Christmas present of art supplies from her daughter. She was non-stop after that. Two of her works grace her picture.

Lesson learned – we can all begin a new career in our senior years.

Another interesting work..

Manimal, by Jef Raasch, 2011. This Milwaukee based artist gifted this interesting work to the museum. In the bio of the work he states, “My sculpture represents the symbiosis of life; all creatures mixing together..” So true we need to mix.

And let’s close with what started my interest..

Inside the Museum..