Mount Mitchell State Park

Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. At 6684 feet is Mount Mitchell.

The Park was developed after North Carolina Governor Locke Craig, (1913-1917), became concerned with over logging on the mountain.

View from the summit.

Near the summit are two walking trails.

This was fragrant trail, however, if allergic to bees bring your Epipen. However, on this 95 degree day it provided cool tree coverage, and wends it’s way back to the parking lot.

The second trail, the Mountain to Sea Trail, is part of a1200 mile footpath across North Carolina.

There also is a small museum at the site.

Kids would love this exhibit. Tom Wilson, (1825-1908), was a mountaineer and guide in the Black Mountains.

The Museum also explains why the trees on the mountain are dying. Natural stressors such as harsh winds, and long, cold winters have affected the mortality of the trees.

Parting shot of the Balsam Nature Trail

Great place for families with children.

Flat Top Mountain: Cone Estate

On the Blue Ridge Parkway is the country estate of the Cone Textile Mills owner, Moses Cone, and his wife Bertha. Here the king of denim lived for 7 years prior to his early demise. As the couple had no children the Estate was eventually donated to the National Park Service. It is currently undergoing a 2 million dollar renovation by the Park Service.

Let’s take a peek:

The renovation

The view from the porch – priceless..

A must see – renovated home will be available Spring 2022