Let the games begin: First Victim Mayorkas? Bad Move.

As the new House majority has stated their 2 year term will dwell on investigations, reversing the Biden agenda, and impeachment of whoever they can find. Their first victim is the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas. Bad move by republicans as this man is a Cuban American immigrant. Cubans are known to be the strongest republican base of Latinos. Why? They never forgave Kennedy that he didn’t finish Castro off during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

They don’t forget.

As McCarthy calls for this man’s resignation he should think twice before agitating this portion of the republican base.

Besides being the first Latino and immigrant to be named in this role, he has a stellar 30 year career in law enforcement. He is a nationally recognized lawyer. Much of his career has been involved with citizenship, agreements with foreign governments, human trafficking, and cybersecurity, to name a few topics. In reviewing the http://www.dhs.gov web site it is laced with activities he is handling effectively. And to be perfectly honest no one has been able to handle the border problem and why?

There is no policy or direction. This must come from our legislative body.

Once again republicans are finger pointing rather than providing a solution.