Stave Church and Edvard Greig’s Summer Home

This lovely reproduction church has both Pagan and Christian themes. It was initially built by Vikings without nails, and the reproduction is without nails as well.. Stave Churches were common in northwest Europe, however, these wooden structures succumb easily to the elements and fire. This reconstruction is one of the few remaining throughout Norway.

The Interior

Edward Grieg Summer Home

Grieg was a Norweigan pianist and composer of the romantic era. Both he and his wife were musicians traveling the world in the late 19th century performing. His music is known to be emotional in nature and he is best known for his composition, Peer Gynt. – view the gardens and hear Grieg’s music.

The gardens and setting of the home are flawless. Grieg composed from a small red hut lakeside on the home’s property. The touraine was rugged surrounding the home but views and gardens worth the hike. He is buried in a rock wall on the property. There is also a performing studio on the grounds, and as I walked the grounds piano music filled the air.

What a delightful visit!