Bear River Greenway

In Evanston, Wyoming, there is a walking park along the Bear River where runners, walkers, and bicyclists partake.

Much of the efforts for this Greenway came from Debbie Smith, who worked tirelessly to develop this nature area. She has since past, at a much too early age.

One of the Bridges over the Bear River is dedicated to Ms. Smith.

Since it was a stellar evening decided to walk the path toward the Bear River State Park.

Beavers are busy at this pond.
More views along the way.

Arrived at Bear River State Park and as the sign says..

And guess who I saw tonight after 5 visits to the Park.

The Elusive Elk

What beautiful creatures and those antlers, there are no words. Here I thought my night perfect only to have another prize cross my path. a moose.

We chatted awhile and as I spoke the Moose watched me as she chewed on greens. Said my farewells to return to my abode only to capture this sunset.

Nights like this are priceless.

Cherokee, North Carolina

On the way to Cherokee the Waze AP placed me on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Look what was grazing along the Parkway,,,,, ELK

Aren’t they beautiful??

Better view of these 2 gals, sorry about the lighting..

Cherokee is a fun town with many shops. Stayed in this town as it was close to many sites, however, there are campgrounds, and other venues nearby.


Nice men – bought a lamp at the flea market and discovered no knob to turn it on, guys here found the knob and didn’t even charge the 55 cents..
Great Place – helpful staff, wonderful prices of quality merchandise and more Xmas presents done..

After retail therapy, take a walk on the Oconaluftee River Trail..

Or if energized, a short hike to Mingo Falls, which is 3 miles off Big Cove Road.

200 steps to the top, then .1 mile walk to the Falls. Wear sneakers and stop every 25 like I did.. 🙂

The Falls – worth the hike

Next .. things to do with kids in Cherokee