Welcome Yellowstone – Grant Village

After enjoying the waterfall checked my reservations for the evening. To my dismay realized I had none, an oversight. Yellowstone does not allow sleeping in parking lots, or on the roadside. Quickly attempted to access Expedia, however, Park internet is extremely limited so was unable to connect.

Elk foraging along the road.

Next attempted a Park hotel reservation, however, no vacancy.. Was told to check out the campground, and luckily the Grant Village agent told me she had an opening. The site was quickly booked, and here it is.

In Yellowstone campgrounds there are no shower facilities. Luckily, or well planned, most campgrounds are near water. There was no electric in the campground so charged the phone in the bathroom outlet. A dumping station for trailers and RV’s is available in the Park. Daily site prices are reasonable. Lights out at 10 pm.

Caveat: Arrive before dark as it is difficult to navigate otherwise. Bring flashlights, layer, and as always enjoy..

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