Highland Park and Lamberton Conservatory

Greetings From Highland Park and bringing you some pre-festival lilac pictures. While these lovely bushes were not totally open which precluded their enticing scent – still able to enjoy. Here is what I caught in pics on the way to Lamberton Conservatory.

The bees were busily at work on the lilac buds.

What color this flowering bush holds.

The Lamberton Conservatory

The name sake for the Conservatory was a businessman and the first advocate for conservation in New York State.

What a treasure trove of plants, and the visit only a mere $2. Here’s the tour.

This hideaway was a great place to relax.

And the turtles were much fun to watch..

And what fun birdhouses..

This one reminded me of my Girl Scout summers at Camp Ishoda in Troy, N.Y. The house is wrapped in birch bark with forest droppings as the roof.

These would be great fund raising items for the Conservatory.

More flowers with magnificent colors..

More turtles, then the Cactus Room.. The turtles steal the show in each room fascinating children and adults. Little plates of lettuce for their feeding are in each area.

What a great cactus room – haven’t seen anything this good since my Arizona garden visits.

Wonder how they keep these plants during the winter? For another blog..

A Flowering Cactus

And I can’t miss this date, will be just back from Europe but will squeeze it in…

One final picture – the day of this visit was perfect. There were many brides and grooms – let’s end this blog with a pic of one of the happy couples.


This will be my last blog for a bit.

Am having motherboard problems, and at the time of this posting will be on a Givenchy Tour, God willing..

Stay tuned.

I shall return.