Exhibits: Marcia Resnick and Alan Ekberg

Marcia Resnick is a NYC Bohemian of the 1970-1980’s and still alive at 72. She is unorthodox and avant garde, born in Brooklyn. Educated at NYU, and Cooper Union, she then moved to California for further education at the California Institute of Art but returned to NYC. She has written books, and has an eccentric sense of humor. This is seen in her cartoons and writings.

Growing up in the 1970’s, she began her career photographing Viet Nam War demonstrations. She embellished her photos with gelatin color and metallics. While her works in this exhibit only included the 1970’s, she is still alive and kicking. Interesting woman.

Marcia at the time of these photographs

Her parents – note the color style..

A Travel Photo

The Grand Canyon

Her humorous side

Photo of a friend, John Belushi

Another friend and activist – Susan Sontag

One of her cartoons.

And let’s end with a final joke..


Photographs of whimsy was seen in this exhibit. Alan draws his work then develops photographs from these drawings. Interesting and unique, here they are:

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