Will he ever go away?

Orange Man

Several years ago I proposed a Day A Week Without tr, however this didn’t go anywhere, and who knew what he could have done in that day? Blow up the world, or align with putin? Oh yes he already did the later. However, even though fairly kicked out of office he remains a wart on the ass of all Americans, and it is a pain.

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Sorry donkey this is the closest I could get without being bleeped.

Do you every think he’ll ever go away or better yet his flunkies?

At least the pillow man has quieted. The pillow guy said in a recent interview that his company profits increased exponentially since his involvement with the orange man. Someone got something out of ruining the country. Personally, I threw out his pillows once he started his antics as I could no longer sleep knowing the manufacturer.

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This answers why these folks do what they do, $$$, and at our expense.

On a lighter note, let’s hope the new energy bill passes as I am going to buy an EV.

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Leaf here I come!


Do you understand this stuff?

Do you understand the concept of tariffs? Auntie Google states it is a tax that adds to the cost of imported goods. This tax money goes to the government.

The country sending the goods to US then increases their costs. With imported goods more expensive it is believed the now cheaper(?) domestically produced goods will be purchased.

Tricky stuff these tariffs. Who benefits, and ultimately who is paying for them?.