The Amish of Polkville, N.C.

Always a fan of Amish folks I found this community of 30 families in Western North Carolina approximately 45 minutes from my home base. What a delightful visit.

Began at the Polkville park area on Saturday where the Amish and others have an open market. Visit early as she sells out quick!

Here for reasonable prices many baked goods were purchased.

Pecan Pie $15
German Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese $10
Homemade Bread $4
Banana Bread $6

Glad I have a good sized freezer at the cabin.

In speaking with the vendor she told me of other Amish vendors so I was on my way…

Unsure if I was on the right road, came across this and knew I was.

Next stop.. the Amish small house builder.