The Royal Yacht Britannia

What an amazing tour… Definitely a must see..

This was Queen Elizabeth’s floating palace for 44 years. It was known as her favorite place to be with her family. When she disembarked in 1977, all clocks were set to the time of her departure, and remain set to that time.

She has never returned.

The ship has a fudge shop, Tea Room, and gift shop for shopping pleasure as you certainly will want a remembrance from this visit.

Let’s start our visit.

The Britannia was commissioned in 1953, and traveled over a million miles till her 1997 decommissioning. Forty five staff traveled with the queen along with innumerable crew.

The Mechanics of the Ship..

Where the crew lived..

Where the crew bathed..

The Laundry Room

Officers Rooms, Kitchen, and Dining Areas

The Lounge
The Hospital/Infirmary Area

The Royal Family Area

The Queen’s Office. Her briefing information was flown to her daily.

The State Dining Room – here she entertained heads of state and celebrities. From Frank Sinatra to Liz Taylor to Bill Clinton to Nelson Mandela, according to the pamphlet information. William and Harry spent summer holidays here. It is also the honeymoon vessel to three failed marriages -Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Charles. However, the ship is available for parties and other events.

The visit is well worth the cost. Plan on at least 2 hours and have a treat at the Royal Deck Tea Shop.

You never know who you might meet.