Tucker Carlson: Really?


person who betrays a friend, country, principle…

Reading what this guy said about sanctions against the oligarchs going too far is UNAMERICAN, and disgusting. What side is this wealthy prep boy on? Has he lost his mind? And now Russians are using his rhetoric to feed their Russian news agency. Doesn’t he realize the oligarchs are paying for this war, and the mercenaries that are being supplied to execute the innocent Ukrainian people. An 83 year old woman was stripped, and raped this week in front of her husband, then left naked. Does he read the news about what is happening over there and who is funding these horrific acts???????????????

Let’s send him to Russia on a one way flight.

And the entire Fox News Network as well.

They are nothing but criminals interested in sensationalizing to increase ratings, and divide America. We need to stand together during this time or Russia will be at our shores.

Oligarchs need to be tried for war crimes.

In these Fox News segments they are committing……………..


Attacking an authority to which one owes allegiance. This involves acts such as participating in a war against one’s native country, and attempting to overthrow its country…

Tucker Carlson sure fits the bill on this. We need to start a Go Fund Me for his ticket and send him packing.

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Stand together America!

Tucker Carlson: A Traitor in Our Midst

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Of course we knew this, but did you know his broadcast is being played nightly on Russian television? Perhaps he should visit Putin along with the republicans backing the Russian demands. Do your own homework on that one. Disgusting. Maybe they all could stay in Russia like Edward Snowden. Only catch, don’t think Edward is real happy over there.


Biden invite Carlson to lunch at the White House along with “those republicans,” and their credibility with Putin will be destroyed. They’ll never be seen on Russian television again, and their ratings will lower, and isn’t that what this is all about?

Play hardball Mr. President.

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Caveat: What a difference 12 hours makes. Thanks to all the efforts of courageous diplomats, and President Biden’s steady hand. Guess Biden should have threatened freezing Putin’s assets earlier…

Three Highlights For Today

  • Federal Prosecutors looking at 2020 fake election certifications.
  • Radio signal coming from space every 18 minutes, ? dying star..
  • Omicron is 99.9% of all covid infections.


One final note… Was in New York City yesterday near St. Patrick’s Cathedral watching the sea of blue in their dress uniforms and white gloves. The first of two wakes were being held for the fallen officers lost in a domestic argument by a mentally ill man with a gun last week.

Say a prayer for the families of Officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora

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