Youth Vote: They are watching..

One of the main reasons the Dems won this election is the youth vote. It will be their country, and they are playing a part. Their vote cancelled out the baby boomer vote. Interesting fact. They want climate policy, fair elections, abortion rights, and folks to get along. It is a necessity if we are to continue, and welcome their ideas at the table.

Watching the old white men in the orange prez cabinet made me cringe. There was little hope. In the Biden cabinet while we have some oldies, inclusive of my beloved President Joe, his cabinet is filled with diversity, and offices with younger folk. This is reassuring as we need these voices to channel and create policy for a new world.

Wonder what lies will be created in the orange prez 2024 bid?

Will be away for a period of two weeks after Thanksgiving. Prior to that time will be researching those new voices and blogging what I find. Am grateful that much was accomplished in the first 2 years of the Biden Presidency and hopeful that a few repub in the House will stand with Dems so more can be achieved.

We do not have the time to carry on hateful initiatives which are costly and divisive.

Let’s move forward.