Hickory Art Museum: Kids

With the Museum’s summer camp many kids were at the museum enjoying art.

What a great summer camp inspiring creativity and thought. Can’t let those little brains stagnate over the summer…

Here’s a look at one of the fun places at the museum.

And an exhibit to provoke thought..

What a fun summer camp

Hickory Art Museum: Mishmash


The Museum had a fascinating collection of BEE apparel and accessories. This is something on my Bucket List to become a BEE keeper. Take a look..

Next – some celebrity portraits. Hey, I said it was a mishmash.

These black and whites were taken by photographer Philippe Halsman, and gifted to the museum by William Solotkin.

Red Skelton, 1952
Peter Ustinov, 1952

The Museum also had an Art Nouveau collection of vases in this exhibit area. Lovely.

Can’t wait to see the next exhibit at this Museum..

Saved the best till last.. Next.. The Paul De Longpre Exhibit

Hickory Art Museum: Betty Bowles Garou

The last stop on this Hickory tour was the Hickory Art Museum. There was much change since last visiting several months ago starting with the Betty Bowles Garrou collection. Ms. Garrou was a Hickory artist who started painting and drawing at age 5. She studied art throughout her life and has paintings in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Check out the following paintings and enjoy.

Ms. Garrou had an art gallery in Valdese, North Carolina for several years. If you follow my blog you will recognize a Waldensian woman in this painting. Waldensian Widow, 1975, is a haunting portrayal of great depth.
Ice on a Mountain, 1985
Summer Landscape, 2010
Grass and Light, 1977
Fall Colors, 1980 In this work Ms. Garrou worked in paper creating a collage. Throughout her life she worked in many mediums, watercolors, oils, and inks. While Ms. Garrou is no longer with us she definitely left a legacy.