Is the f word that bad?

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On his trip to Florida Biden was caught on a hot mike telling the Mayor of Fort Myers, Ray Murphy,

“Nobody fu-ks with a Biden.”

Know many get upset with the word but this was a chat between two dems of Irish lineage joking in a time of horrific tragedy. But, taking it one step further –

What does f-ck actually mean?

Auntie Google sources state the word is an expression of annoyance to convey disdain, and contempt. with another meaning listed – the act of sexual intercourse… So, how bad it that?

And in this context it adds a bit of levity between two mates.

Mayor Ray Murphy – has his hands full

So, let’s hope no one f-cks with a Biden.

Georgia on my mind..

This senatorial race will be one for the ages. herschel walker’s latest debacle is he encouraged, and paid for an abortion for his girlfriend in 2009. And in his payment for the procedure he included expenses then placed the check inside a get well card. Nice touch.

Oh, I forgot to mention he’s anti-abortion no matter what the circumstances.

he continues to say this was all a lie, and even had a prayer meeting with his supporters this morning as this latest debacle unfolded. Then the topping on the cake – his son put out a video screaming how his father was never around, had 4 children by 4 different women, and because of domestic abuse issues they frequently had to relocate in fear of his wrath.

Great toppings

However, he was/is an amazing football player, and a republican in a southern state so it looks promising for his election. he has already said he isn’t very smart so it will be easy to push him around, and he’ll do anything he’s told.

Another poster boy for the republican party.

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Regardless of party, don’t the people of Georgia deserve better?

To Rebuild, or Not to Rebuild…

Isn’t that the question?

Seeing the devastation in Florida it seems ridiculous to rebuild when another hurricane, one possibly even stronger, is on the horizon. However, where does one go to avoid climate change? Believe me as one who escaped this bullet I am concerned.

Articles state the best places to relocate are the colder climates since temperatures will be rising 6 degrees in the next decade. Then water concerns must also be considered. Realtors in Arizona are already selling houses and telling clients – “You realize there is no water source for this home.”

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So, here are the recommended US cities, unless you want to move to Greenland where they are using the glacial meltdown for energy. Isn’t that what the orange prez wanted to buy? My goodness, he did have insight into something..

I digress – here they are:

  • Boston
  • Minneapolis
  • Denver
  • States neighboring the Great Lakes – Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Have looked into Zillow for Denver. A trailer can be purchased from $70-125,000, however, these are in trailer parks, and lot rent cost adds on to the cost for this housing. Also, unsure if a trailer would survive a tornado, however, according to sources tornadoes in Denver are extremely rare.

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Much to consider. Let’s hope electric cars catch on.

Nancy in Trouble

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Nancy Pelosi missed the deadline on getting legislation to reign in lawmakers on their stock purchasing. This is a concern as “they” have access to non-public info. She promised us on September 14th, and now congress is taking a breath till November.

November 14th – isn’t that after mid-terms?

Oh, Nancy, that doesn’t look good, especially since your husband is a hedge fund guy. However, since he’s doing a little community service for tipping the sauce and driving perhaps he doesn’t have time to play the stock market??

Before coming across this “dirt” was reading an article which I didn’t quite understand, but now do. It stated to invest in: PelosiETF or CruzETF. Thinking this was an actual fund I checked it out, it isn’t.

Nice to know this is bipartisan.

Sports Figures Aren’t Gods

When I read of the actions of brett favre, an apparent football hero, and how he defrauded the poor in the poorest state in the US, I become ill. And the motivation – to have a better volleyball complex for his daughter to play in? Well, I guess that’s worth risking your reputation, and jail time?

Ole Miss -out $5 million

Why didn’t he just use his own money and donate the complex?

Sports in this country and world have too much power and wield that power to a mesmerized public,


Besides the stadium brett was reimbursed for motivational speeches not given.

Guess that was what his motivation was.

Now, besides criminal charges he’s loosing his additional paychecks from brands, and commentary jobs. He should have just donated the stadium, got his name on the arena, and taken the tax donation.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

He really should have consulted his tax guy.

US Army Falls Short

The Ukraine has applied for NATO admission. If this is accepted, and ratified all NATO forces will be at war with russia.

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In the current job market the US Army has fallen short by 25% in recruits this year. Other branches of service are also seeing the same problem. Should we go to war with russia this will be a concern.

Military families receive minimal monetary reimbursement to the point where they have problems feeding their families. Sadly, compensation for service occurs upon departure from service in terms of health care, education stipends, and mortgage benefits to mention a few post-service benefits.

We need to step up and better compensate these folks who sign on OR we will be needing to reinstate a draft.

All Clear!

After much rain from Wednesday to Thursday, investigated the grounds around the condo.

As they say in the South, “Was blessed.” The dead tree outside my bedroom window fell, and in its fall fell away from the condo buildings. Is there a, “Double blessed,?”

A lake formed between the two trees which provide sanctuary for my Diana statute, however, the lake is quickly vanishing.

Some other property shots..

Electrical outages were minimal – one 10 minutes, and another for 5 minutes so was able to catch Stephen Colbert without interruption. He had on Anderson Cooper who is always a hoot, and has been a guest 14 times! Read a great new biography on Anna Wintour, a new Stuart Woods book, and a 2016 audio book by David Baldacci. Sublime. Actually the hurricane reminded me of the hunkering down during snow storms of the North.

Sounds weird, huh?

How I miss the North..

Today, which is Friday, returned all my garden ornaments to their appropriate spot in the garden, and opened the window coverings. Sunshine is pouring in as of this writing and reports state roads are clear.

During clean up of palm fronds and branches found a few golf balls to add to my cache.

More for the golfers to steal..

It’s a rain and wind free day in Northeast Florida.

All is quiet on the Northeast front.

Polling Class

After receiving 5 emails about becoming a poll worker decided to do my civic duty and signed up. Had no idea how much training is involved with this process. First, there is an internet class, then a 5 hour class at the Board of Elections. There is much built into these computer systems, ballots, and machines to protect our vote. The cost for the computer components 3 1/2 million dollars for St. Johns County in Florida.

It was an eye opener.

Much to learn and not the actual machines.

Think all those who participated in the January 6th insurrection should take the class.

Knowledge is power.


I hate to be called mam. I much prefer being addressed, “Madame,” as they do in France.

How elegant is that? Oui.

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Mam, defined states it is a term of respect for a woman, but to me it conjures up images of slavery making me immediately sad. Slavery brings up ideas of suppression and torture. But when I ask to not be called that I get an even more concerning response.

“I’m sorry I was beaten every time I didn’t address a woman in this way. I can’t stop it now.”

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Something to think about.

How do you vote for these people?

Today I will write out another 100 postcards to get a politician elected. I am writing for:

Raphael Warnock

He has had an impressive term and I am hopeful for his winning. While I only know 2 folks in Georgia they are both voting for him. Considering the other candidate there is no other choice. However, the South loves their football and this may knock Raphael out, but I think not, I’ve invested in $44.00 worth of postage stamps to get folks out to vote for him.

Women will come through.

What I don’t understand is how you can vote for someone who has openly lied and said they aren’t that smart? I was enlightened when recently told,

“Anything to block the Democrats.”

Lesson learned, but will continue to write.