Cuomo Emails

Every night I look forward to the Governor Cuomo emails. While the updates are informative I also enjoy the light news at the end of the email. There always is something uplifting be it art, music, or animal stories.

Though I am grateful the Pandemic is coming under control I will miss these emails. Do you think he would mind continuing???

The History of Facism in Europe

All Americans should watch this Rick Steves PBS special. It speaks of charismatic leaders with simple messages. These autocrats transfix people with a common vision and individuality is lost. The leader is paramount and all others are squelched and stopped.

As Rick said we need to not forget the lessons of history.

Scary to say but this is America right now.

A Light in the Storm

Two days ago I tweeted about a black man who lost everything in the Minneapolis riots. His restaurant was to open within the week and was in tears on the news broadcast.  A Go Fund Me Page was developed for him immediately after broadcast and over one million dollars has been raised.  He was interviewed last night on CBS News and is planning to buy a building for his restaurant with the money and start a non-profit organization.   


Thanks, Stephen

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to sum up this time in America with clarity, direction, and comfort. And hats off to John Baptiste for offering optimism.

But back to Stephen, maybe a good V.P. for President Joe?

What a hoot, and we’d probably get things done.

What good is looting?

Watching a black man cry as he surveyed his destroyed business was a disturbing site. The protests are understandable and justified but the looting of small businesses serves no purpose. Hopefully, the anger will soon die and the next steps in this process will begin.

In paraphrasing Martin Luther King, a riot is the language of the unheard, however violence never brings peace.

Indira Ghandi

Known as the “Iron Lady,” Indira Ghandi was the first female Prime Minister of India and the second longest tenured. She began her career as the personal assistant to the first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, who was her father. Upon his departure from this role she won election at 40 years of age serving from 1966-1977 and 1980-1984.

She believed in centralization of power and her motto was, “Remove Poverty.” She was assassinated in 1984 by her Sikh bodyguards when she ordered the removal of their militant leader.

Cost of Republican National Convention

This is a no brainer. Monies earned by a state having this convention will be lost with health care costs from transmission. This would cause a second wave nationally as attendees return to their home states. All quarantine benefits would be lost.

On the flip side some say bring it on as this is the only way people learn. But what a lesson.