Voting Record of BS

In the Anderson Cooper interview on 60 Minutes he quoted research studies which concluded BS had 7 laws passed where he was the major author and of those 2 were for naming buildings. Further research studies stated BS had the worst record of crossing the aisle to get things done.

Hillary and Joe Biden both stated this in interviews as well. She further stated no one likes him in D.C. Even Mayor Pete says his policies won’t work. Can you name anything BS has done?

Vote for Mike B on Super Tuesday as he will get it done.

He’s built housing for the poor, put in stronger gun laws, closed coal plants and worked with Gov. Jerry Brown on national climate change issues. He is the UN Ambassador for Climate Change and working internationally.

Check out what he’s done…

Is Bernie Sanders a Democrat?

This question has always crossed my mind as BS proclaims himself an independent. Is it legal for him to even run as a Democrat?

If he truly is a Democrat he needs to look closer at his party line because if he gets the nod….


Trump will have a field day telling folks about socialism and communism saying BS is a communist. I can see the ads now with BS in an ill fitting green soldier suit in Tiananmen Square smiling and waving among the Chinese people.

Trump has already made America a mockery overseas. We can’t afford another 4 years of him making America Ungreat.

Vote Mike B…… he will keep America great


get the job done.


Vermont life

I lived in Vermont and saw the state. Nice folk but seems like they are dirt poor or wealthy. It is heavily taxed. Check out the stats. They also have horrific drug problems and I cry for the farm families. Every time I turned on the radio there were fund raisers for them as 1 in 4 can’t feed their families.

Do we want to spread that nationally? Bernie fix Vermont, make it better for your folks at home.

We have a choice on Super Tuesday, Mike Bloomberg, he will get it done.

Poll Survey

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Had some free time today so volunteered at the Hampton, Virginia, Bloomberg campaign headquarters. Here I was given a burner phone and a listing of folks to call along with questions to ask of those contacted. While a new adventure it reminded me of the days when at 15 I made cold calls to Sears customers asking if they were considering a new appliance purchase. However, these matters are quite a bit more important.

We got a young one..

Looking at the demographics I understood why 90% did not answer the phone. Most over 60 only answer when they recognize the number. When I brought this up to the manager he stated we call them as they vote. Ahhhhh.. was my response.

Mike got 40% of the voters with 20% saying they were waiting till Super Tuesday, which is MARCH 3rd, for a decision. Somehow one call went to a republican and she talked my ear off about the evils of my party and, “Who does that Nancy Pelosi think she is?” I listened, bit my tongue and was surprised to learn she was concerned about global warming considering her choice.

Leaving with a t shirt, 2 bumper stickers, and a lawn sign I felt rewarded and equipped to move my candidates agenda along.


Debate Night in South Carolina: Aces for Mike

Quite a night of debating. Haven’t heard that much screaming since my folks were alive. At least there were two level heads in the crowd, Mike and Amy. Felt bad Mike couldn’t share all he’s done with climate change. He’s been working with the United Nations since Trump bailed on Obama’s worldwide climate initiative. He and Governor Jerry Brown have a nationwide organization of 4000 cities and municipalities working on climate change.

Maybe he and Amy would make a good team. Perhaps that’s why she didn’t go after him for being a billionaire? It’s not his fault he’s adept at business and government. Time will tell, and you know the jingle,

Mike will get it done.

What is Socialism?

As the presidential candidates swirl this term around I wonder what it is. And I am not alone as others are unaware of what this economic theory is. Here is what Auntie Google has to say.

In socialism the government controls social functions and there are no privately owned companies. Economic resources are shared. This theory was begun by Karl Marx, a German.

The countries that practice this are:

  • China
  • Laos
  • Viet Nam

So, next thought what is the difference between socialism and communism?

In communism everything is owned by the state.

Now I am even more concerned and quite frankly scared. Are you?

Recipe For Success

Hey Mike here it goes:

  1. Book large convention centers.
  2. Bring out the stars for warm up.
  3. Tell them what you are going to do. Add jokes,
  4. Drop balloons, confetti… Give them the razzle-dazzle. They want a memory. It’s all about pizzazz…



Virginia Air & Space Center

While not a fan of air and space museums, this I enjoyed. There were many interesting exhibits with the Wright Brothers, the Tuskegee Airmen,

plane art,

and honors to the NASA women.

With the price of admission an IMAX movie is included. There were 3 movies available for all ages to enjoy.

Space missions exhibits were well represented with rockets and missiles:

  • Project Mercury 1958-1963 six manned flights
  • Gemini Program 1962-1966 ten crewed missions
  • Apollo Program 1963-1972 eleven flights with first moon landing

Then there was Mars…

Under development.. looks like fun.

What a fascinating exhibit. NASA has been mapping Mars for several decades as they attempt to locate a landing area. While Mars appears to be dead geologically it was active 1.8 billion years ago with the largest volcanoes in the solar system. From this came the many deep valleys and canyons on the planet.

For humans to live on Mars much will be required. One need is a place to live, and this is currently under development at Langley AFB.

Over 1000 companies globally are involved in the creation of space related products.

The structures will be made of fabric and placed inside the space ship deflated. Upon arrival on the planet they will be inflated. The soft fabric hardens once inflated.

The structure is similar to home construction with 3 layers. The middle layer is foam which insulates the pod.

Much testing is underway to ensure the strength and durability of pod fabric. Completion is planned for 2020.

Artist rendering of the astronaut home

Other Earth Breakthrough Technologies

Besides working on outer space projects NASA is looking to the future of our globe. Much work is being done on alternate forms of energy for vehicles both on land and in the air. These are NASA’s priorities:

  • developing alternate fuels which decrease emissions
  • changing plane shape for improved aerodynamics
  • creating motors to accommodate alternate fuel
  • creating quieter planes

Developing new technologies is challenging. Building on hybrid car technology NASA is looking to these implementations for planes. Another possible solution is a gas driven engine to power the plane off the ground then switch to battery once in flight. Work is underway for new battery development.

These are only a few items mentioned in the video at this exhibit. Stop by and see the entire segment. It is our future.

On a lighter note…

Stop by this exhibit on the upper floor to get a laugh.

And view from the museum’s top level the Hampton marina.

Let’s conclude with a spectacular sun shot.

Scary Bernie

Did you see the Anderson Cooper interview with Bernie? All these promises and no idea how to pay for it. I feel sad for the young who cling to this hope. Empty promises we cannot fulfill. How can we cancel student debt? The US is 32 trillion in debt, how many millionaires does America have to pay for this? Do the #s it doesn’t work.

And hey Bernie aren’t you a millionaire, no excuse me a 2 millionaire.

Mike B is a billionaire and is putting his $$ where his mouth is. He will get it done just like he did post 9/11. Vote for him Super Tuesday.

Tomorrow; BS voting record

Do you love your grandchildren?

As global warming proceeds I get more and more concerned. But what concerns me most is the reaction of our government in doing nothing about it. In Florida there are days when you cannot breathe as it is stifling.

The reaction of Florida seniors alarms me. They pine about their grandchildren, however, when I bring this issue up they state, “I don’t care I’ll be dead.” Then I say, “Do you love your grandchildren?,” and they get nasty.

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The future of the world is in our hands. As seniors we have clout. We vote. In Europe those elected have green agendas. We need to follow.

Scientists say we have 12 years before our planet is irreparably damaged.

The primaries are coming, vote responsibly for those who will address this issue for our future generations.

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