All Clear!

After much rain from Wednesday to Thursday, investigated the grounds around the condo.

As they say in the South, “Was blessed.” The dead tree outside my bedroom window fell, and in its fall fell away from the condo buildings. Is there a, “Double blessed,?”

A lake formed between the two trees which provide sanctuary for my Diana statute, however, the lake is quickly vanishing.

Some other property shots..

Electrical outages were minimal – one 10 minutes, and another for 5 minutes so was able to catch Stephen Colbert without interruption. He had on Anderson Cooper who is always a hoot, and has been a guest 14 times! Read a great new biography on Anna Wintour, a new Stuart Woods book, and a 2016 audio book by David Baldacci. Sublime. Actually the hurricane reminded me of the hunkering down during snow storms of the North.

Sounds weird, huh?

How I miss the North..

Today, which is Friday, returned all my garden ornaments to their appropriate spot in the garden, and opened the window coverings. Sunshine is pouring in as of this writing and reports state roads are clear.

During clean up of palm fronds and branches found a few golf balls to add to my cache.

More for the golfers to steal..

It’s a rain and wind free day in Northeast Florida.

All is quiet on the Northeast front.

Polling Class

After receiving 5 emails about becoming a poll worker decided to do my civic duty and signed up. Had no idea how much training is involved with this process. First, there is an internet class, then a 5 hour class at the Board of Elections. There is much built into these computer systems, ballots, and machines to protect our vote. The cost for the computer components 3 1/2 million dollars for St. Johns County in Florida.

It was an eye opener.

Much to learn and not the actual machines.

Think all those who participated in the January 6th insurrection should take the class.

Knowledge is power.


I hate to be called mam. I much prefer being addressed, “Madame,” as they do in France.

How elegant is that? Oui.

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Mam, defined states it is a term of respect for a woman, but to me it conjures up images of slavery making me immediately sad. Slavery brings up ideas of suppression and torture. But when I ask to not be called that I get an even more concerning response.

“I’m sorry I was beaten every time I didn’t address a woman in this way. I can’t stop it now.”

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Something to think about.

How do you vote for these people?

Today I will write out another 100 postcards to get a politician elected. I am writing for:

Raphael Warnock

He has had an impressive term and I am hopeful for his winning. While I only know 2 folks in Georgia they are both voting for him. Considering the other candidate there is no other choice. However, the South loves their football and this may knock Raphael out, but I think not, I’ve invested in $44.00 worth of postage stamps to get folks out to vote for him.

Women will come through.

What I don’t understand is how you can vote for someone who has openly lied and said they aren’t that smart? I was enlightened when recently told,

“Anything to block the Democrats.”

Lesson learned, but will continue to write.

Ian Prep

Have lived in Florida for the last 7 years but managed to escape the storms being on the road travel nursing. With Ian approaching had to refresh my hurricane skills. While plentiful supplies of food, water, batteries and candles line my cupboards needed to consider other things with the prediction of a voracious storm.

First was to fill the gas tank. Already some gas stations were dry or only having supreme blends available, but luckily I found a station with regular.

I did recall from my previous evacuations to top the tank to the brim. Never know where the next available station will be.

Onward to a new experience – the sandbag station.. Here young, fit hunky fireman and somewhat fit policeman assisted in filling white woven plastic bags with ties. What an ordeal and how heavy these critters are! Thankfully, a fireman helped fill the bags and delivered them to the car. While he feverishly declined my tip I stuffed 10 bucks in his pocket and ran. What a wonderful assist – but remember to bring your own shovel!

Once home placed the sand bags outside the patio door. Latest prediction is 20 inches of rain. Just glad to live at the highest elevation in St. Augustine.

And the new normal – garden ornaments in the patio and patio furniture in the living room..

A few last items to attend to..

Charge all phone chargers, stop at the library for books to read, find a place for a mattress in a windowless room. And for those sliding glass doors am told to mount a mattress against should it bow.

Finally, as with any storm be it a blizzard or hurricane one always needs,

luck, and if in a pickle,


New repub commercials

After writing the last blog somehow a commercial for our current Florida governor appeared on screen. As if I wasn’t irritated enough! It was showing him as a military man, with white people saying how wonderful he is/was. Guess they had to change the ads since his Martha’s Vineyard debacle. Next, they will show him at a church service. Gosh, better not give them ideas..

Oh, how they love their churches in the South. Too bad about the brainwashing that goes on in them.

People speak about him in quiet tones but one thing I’ve overheard most is how can his wife stay with him considering his governance? Apparently, prior to marriage she was a much loved and respected television personality.

The comment now is – “Why does she stay?”

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Being the wife of a politician must be a terrible plight – living a lie.

So glad I’m alone.

Hurricane Ian Crazies Are Out!

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Am beginning to think the Hurricane is going to be the least of my worries with this weather challenge. Went to the post office Monday, and was engaged by a tr person while in line who espoused the big lie. Held my tongue when I yearned to speak the truth and do nasty things to her. Then went to Dollar Tree where there were 25 people in line with 2 cashiers working. How those gals do that job for $10.50 an hour and smile I will never know.

It is actually the $1.25 store, but still a bargain.

In line was a schizophrenic man, foul smelling, and homeless talking loudly to his imaginary friend. This made me feel very sad and uncomfortable considering how he was probably returning to his tent in the woods on his bike with his 5 bags of chips in tow to weather the hurricane, however, he was happy. Interesting. Lesson for us all.

In the next line was a scrappy senior who I am sure left her red maga cap at home. She spouted to the overworked cashier how no one works anymore and steals money from the government. Having 50 items to check out we all learned of her concerns and philosophies. When she asked the cashier how she felt about her thoughts gratefully the cashier agreed. WHEW!

Today I will be obtaining sand bags. Think I will bring my headphones.

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Ian Approaching

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Wish we were talking about a handsome hunk, but sorry its a storm.

Florida is under a State of Emergency due to Hurricane Ian. Have made lodging arrangements for Central Georgia at a Super 8 for 3 days, however, unsure if this will be the best place to shelter with storm shifts.

Central Georgia Vacation?

Predictions state the storm will hit Florida by Tuesday. Stores are empty, the rocket launch has been postponed, and Ian’s strength is increasing. Florida has had daily rains this summer with Saturday idyllic – perhaps the pun, “A calm before the storm,” is appropriate.

Spaghetti Model

Here are some of the various models used to predict storms:

  • European Model- thought to be the most advanced modeling with the best reputation, however, not always the most reliable.
  • Spaghetti Model – shows all potential storm paths
  • Statistical Model – uses statistical equations to predict storm paths
  • Consensus Model – uses an averaging of all predictions
  • Dynamic Modeling – is complex and analyzes global atmospheric data, not for tropical storms
  • Limited Area Dynamic Models- mathematical formulations are used for predictions in focused areas, and used for tropical storms.

And for the most reliable, up to date resource, internet sources state follow the National Hurricane Center updates.

matt gaetz

Who is this guy, and how did he get off the hook for sex trafficking a 17 year old across state lines?

he’s a 40 year old lawyer who has served in the House since 2017 from the 1st District of Florida which is the state’s western panhandle. he is a republican, Baptist, and attends the Fort Walton Beach Baptist Church. he attended Florida State University and William and Mary Law School. In 2021, he married Ginger Luckey, and maybe luckey got him off the hook as no charges are expected in his crime.

Ginger’s family has beaucoup bucks and contributes much to republican campaigns.

However, it sounds like baby gaetz, his family nick name, also had something else going for him. he, too, is from an extremely wealthy real estate family.

It’s how epstein got off. Remember that guy?

In November he’s up for re-election with victory assured and gift wrapped.

Oh, politics..

Volunteering for Dems

Tonight made 40 calls to democrats to ensure they knew mail in ballots are being mailed to their home on September 29th. Also requested they mail them in the next day. The final ask was who they would be voting for on the Florida ticket. Was surprised how cordial folks were with many relaying intimate stories. My final call was particularly poignant.

Val Demings – one to watch

We discussed the platform of Val Demings. The caller relayed she was pregnant and had a 16 year old daughter. Since her daughter’s birth she has endured 5 miscarriages. Now older, and high risk she has weekly ultrasounds. If the fetus dies in utero at this gestational age she will have to travel north for the procedure.

What a horrific journey that would be.

As our conversation continued she relayed how her mother said this would not effect her, however, it does. If gynecologists and obstetricians are not available, and a gynecological operation is required who will be there for this woman?

Hate to end on such a sour note but these are the realities we as women must consider as we select the candidates we vote for.

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