Ian Approaching

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Wish we were talking about a handsome hunk, but sorry its a storm.

Florida is under a State of Emergency due to Hurricane Ian. Have made lodging arrangements for Central Georgia at a Super 8 for 3 days, however, unsure if this will be the best place to shelter with storm shifts.

Central Georgia Vacation?

Predictions state the storm will hit Florida by Tuesday. Stores are empty, the rocket launch has been postponed, and Ian’s strength is increasing. Florida has had daily rains this summer with Saturday idyllic – perhaps the pun, “A calm before the storm,” is appropriate.

Spaghetti Model

Here are some of the various models used to predict storms:

  • European Model- thought to be the most advanced modeling with the best reputation, however, not always the most reliable.
  • Spaghetti Model – shows all potential storm paths
  • Statistical Model – uses statistical equations to predict storm paths
  • Consensus Model – uses an averaging of all predictions
  • Dynamic Modeling – is complex and analyzes global atmospheric data, not for tropical storms
  • Limited Area Dynamic Models- mathematical formulations are used for predictions in focused areas, and used for tropical storms.

And for the most reliable, up to date resource, internet sources state follow the National Hurricane Center updates.


matt gaetz

Who is this guy, and how did he get off the hook for sex trafficking a 17 year old across state lines?

he’s a 40 year old lawyer who has served in the House since 2017 from the 1st District of Florida which is the state’s western panhandle. he is a republican, Baptist, and attends the Fort Walton Beach Baptist Church. he attended Florida State University and William and Mary Law School. In 2021, he married Ginger Luckey, and maybe luckey got him off the hook as no charges are expected in his crime.

Ginger’s family has beaucoup bucks and contributes much to republican campaigns.

However, it sounds like baby gaetz, his family nick name, also had something else going for him. he, too, is from an extremely wealthy real estate family.

It’s how epstein got off. Remember that guy?

In November he’s up for re-election with victory assured and gift wrapped.

Oh, politics..

Volunteering for Dems

Tonight made 40 calls to democrats to ensure they knew mail in ballots are being mailed to their home on September 29th. Also requested they mail them in the next day. The final ask was who they would be voting for on the Florida ticket. Was surprised how cordial folks were with many relaying intimate stories. My final call was particularly poignant.

Val Demings – one to watch

We discussed the platform of Val Demings. The caller relayed she was pregnant and had a 16 year old daughter. Since her daughter’s birth she has endured 5 miscarriages. Now older, and high risk she has weekly ultrasounds. If the fetus dies in utero at this gestational age she will have to travel north for the procedure.

What a horrific journey that would be.

As our conversation continued she relayed how her mother said this would not effect her, however, it does. If gynecologists and obstetricians are not available, and a gynecological operation is required who will be there for this woman?

Hate to end on such a sour note but these are the realities we as women must consider as we select the candidates we vote for.

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New York Got ’em

I always said New York would get ’em…

Have never been prouder than to say I am from New York State. When my closeted Floridian tr hater neighbors and acquaintances lamented no one will ever get tr, I would state, “New York will get ’em.” They would give me an unbelieving look and state, “I hope so.”

Well. my prophecy came to pass with a 200 plus page indictment by Attorney General Letitia James. It is the final justification for this man and his family to have this done by a woman, and a black woman.

Black women are the smartest, and strongest women on the face of this Earth, and get things done!!!

Not only will the tr family be fined $250 million for overvaluing properties, milking insurance companies and the government on taxes, they will be unable to run businesses in the State of New York for 5 years.

The case has been forwarded to the Feds, as well as the IRS.

“Start spreading the news.”

Thanks, Letitia.

New Recruits

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Well, they look russian enough, and who knows where putin will have to go to get these folks?.

Even the mercenaries want out.


Have you heard that putin is calling up 300,000 new recruits to the russian army?. Since then russian google searches on how to break an arm, act insane, and get out of going to war, have increased exponentially.

he is calling up all men between 18 and 60, and has closed all flights out of russia to these men. Prior to this edict flights were sold out, with some going for 16 grand, a bit cheaper than Martha’s Vineyard at 10,5. Maybe they should have contacted ron desantis? I digress…

But the caveat – there will be training of 2 weeks prior to going to the front lines.

And according to my #1 news source, The Stephen Colbert Show, here’s what that will look like at week 3.

Stealing Golf Balls

I wrote in April when a golf ball broke the back window of my car. I live on a golf course, one that is in awful shape, but still a golf course.

What awful greens!

I sucked up the $351 tab for the window and cleaned up the mess. Since the golf balls continue to land decided to sell these creatures for $1 a pop.

Had my neighbor make a sign and placed it near the greens. Today I watched a golfer take 2 from the bucket and not pay for them.

Since he had left the scene of the crime by the time I could question this action I screamed my disgust from afar in stern words..

He returned to the scene of the crime and threw the golf balls he took at me.

The golf balls and sign now have been moved next to my garden for security.

Once again – golf is not a sport of honor.


On August 22, 2022 I wrote a blog – Immigrants We Need Them.

Thanks, Massachusetts

It was eye opening to see a governor take immigrants from another state using his state’s tax $$ for this transport. Why? It’s obviously illegal, however, it was wonderful to see how the people of Martha’s Vineyard rallied to assist these migrants. The State of Massachusetts is to be commended, and hat’s off to them. It’s what America is about.

What the people of Martha’s Vineyard did for these immigrants will remain forever in their hearts. And when they return to the Vineyard in 20 years to buy a vacation home, run for congress, or buy the island, they will be welcomed. Laugh – I think not.

Immigrants will work hard, and always find a way. I recently read an article concerning an immigrant “dumped” or is it duped into the Washington D.C. area. He had no one to help, found a shelter, and within the week of arrival was working and is now making $600 a week. He’s saving for a car, and has plans to leave the shelter.

There’s always a way.

Antony Blinken

Who is this 60 year old New York City born man of Jewish decent who graduated from Harvard and Columbia and now takes care of business on the world stage?

The long and short of it he is Biden’s alter ego according to some sources. Our Secretary of State spent some of his early years living in Paris with his mom and step dad, a Polish born Holocaust survivor, and lawyer. While his step dad has passed his mom is alive, and involved in US-France non-profits.

His father was an investment banker and former US Ambassador to Hungary, with step mom an interior designer.

While always interested in the arts and passionate about music, (he’s quite a guitarist), he was encouraged to join the State Department by family. Working with the Clinton administration he credits meeting his wife through the 40 million voters who voted for Clinton. She is Irish Catholic, and the duo have been together for 20 years.

Check out the web site for an uplifting read on this fascinating man.

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The Biden Interview

Campaign Picture – but love it!

Did you see the 60 Minutes interview of President Joe Biden last night? If not catch it on Paramount Plus, or any u-tube feed. In it the President was honest, forthcoming, and blunt. Was good to see one word answers often repeated. World leaders watching know where they stand with this man, and they should as they’ve worked with him for almost 50 years.

A Recap…

He’s let China know that we will stand with Taiwan if they strike.

He’s not getting involved in the orange prez scandals.

Our economy is doing well, and he outlined all his administrations legislative accomplishments.

The concerns for his approval ratings are forgiven as look what Americans have been through with the Pandemic – over 1 million lost.

His age – “Watch me…”

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We’re in good hands.

While I have always had my faith in Joe, it was reinforced in this interview.

Check it out, and you will too!

tr court investigations

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Recently, sean hannity of fox news, was trying to support the orange prez by showing him as a victim rather than a law breaker, however, with this line up of investigations believe he was unable.

The list of investigations include:

  • Trump’s Russia scandal
  • Russian interference in U.S. elections to assist Trump
  • The controversy surrounding the Trump inaugural fund
  • Alleged Emoluments clause violations
  • Trump’s hidden tax returns
  • Improper gifts Trump allegedly received
  • Post-defeat election interference
  • Trump bringing classified materials to Mar-a-Lago
  • The Jan. 6 attack and efforts to overturn the 2020 election
  • Trump using military aid to extort Ukraine
  • Trump’s “hush money” controversies
  • Trump’s dubious pardons
  • Trump’s dubious fundraising operation
  • Trump’s alleged real estate fraud

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There are so many legal issues he’s running out of lawyers who will defend him. And since he’s notorious for not paying lawyers, the lawyer he acquired for the Mar-a-Lago investigation asked for $3 million up front before taking the case. The money the lawyer received was from tr’s “dubious fundraising operation,” so could this be a potential lawsuit for the lawyer taking that money??

The plot thickens.