First Day – New Job

I’m on my first day of another volunteer opportunity. Since I’ve blown so many of these I dressed for the event. Red dress, red loafers, no pearls needed, that is interview dress. I’ve gotten this job.

The manager of the library book shop is friendly and I’ve met her before. We review my tasks and she has written a good job description so I know what to do. A customer arrives and wants to exchange his books for those in the shop. Since I don’t know the answer I refer him to the library manager.

Another customer arrives and we chat. She is looking for a book for a friend with cancer who is refusing treatment. While she wants to give him the diet book for cancer patients we decide on a humorous book instead. Good choice and I’ve made a sale. Maybe we have productivity standards here. I got fired from my last volunteer opportunity for low scores and it really hurt.

The manager calls and I remember how to answer a phone. It’s been awhile. We discuss the question and I gave the right answer. YIPEE! Another patron appears and donates brand new cloth bags for customers. Then I have another sale. Gosh, I’ve been so busy I better close as the manager recommended I read The Book Shop Volunteer Log. I need to make an entry about the new cloth bags.



I have discovered oils.  The massage and aroma was phenomenal but the two-day headache was crippling. Once the headache began I promptly contacted my massage therapist and was rewarded with a text basically telling me to drink more.

Since I honor anyone who has the nerve to acknowledge something and their response in print I did as told and drank another four glasses.  I also believed she was correct and I was loaded with toxins.  Aren’t we all?

I have always been grateful for water.  It may sound silly but I think we all should be and if you aren’t live without it and you certainly will be. We are so blessed in America.

Upon completion of drinking a vast amount of water akin to the amount in a bath tub the headache subsided.  While still drained from the headache I did feel lighter and a bit less depressed.  After that I began to type these little messages to free my remaining toxins. It’s working don’t you think? Well, I do!

Travel Rules for the American Traveling Abroad

Since our change in administration being an American traveling abroad has been challenging. The following ideas are an assist in making your trip successful:

• Say you are a Canadian.
• When in doubt smile, say nothing and if that doesn’t work, laugh, then walk away briskly.
• Beware of NYC t-shirts. Just because they have one on doesn’t mean they are a fellow American or speak English.
• Wear out dated sneakers. The most current versions of sneakers reveal us the most.
• If they say the T word, pretend they said dump and give directions to the closest WC .

Dressing for the Library Interview

Since the library staff have been so helpful to me when Carol, a staffer, asked me to join the volunteers I decided I should. Carol has gotten me through Android Angst 101, Alice gives computer tips, Bill gave me the nuts and bolts on buying a computer and Sharon told me of Belfast. The list could go on and on with staffer’s names and probably will as I continue to torture them.

I have not succeeded at many Florida volunteer groups and did not want this to happen here. If I mess this one up I would lose one of my daily senior events. So, I went to Tad, the library manager and he gave me the low down on the job. As fellow staffers saw me talking to him in his office, I waved, smiling and telling them yes, I’ve been called into the principal’s office.

The job sounded interesting and I might even become a member of the Board as they needed someone. I had all the credentials necessary and he didn’t even ask for a resume! I paid my $15 fee and submitted the application.

I later scoped out the library sale and had a delightful conversation with a woman who I found to be a Tad’s mom. She was from New Jersey and we fit. My next step will be the library interview with a fellow staffer. I have decided on the knee length navy blue dress with blue pumps. I’ll also wear pearls.