National Park Service: Women’s Rights

As usual the National Park has done a spectacular job in the Women’s Rights National Park. At the Visitor Center on 136 Fall St., in Seneca Falls, there are a variety of exhibits, films, and ranger talks.

Entering the building more statutes are to be found. Recognize anyone?

There are many exhibits for all ages in this building. Recommend calling ahead for times of ranger talks, and other activities as during the winter there are closures for renovation.

A ranger talk at the Wesleyan Chapel

Next door to the Center is where the “action” began in July 1848, with 300 women and men coming together for a convention to discuss and develop a document outlining women’s property, voting, and marriage rights, etc..

Wesleyan Chapel where the Convention was held.

The restored Chapel inside

A copy of the Document

The Ladies of Seneca Falls

When visiting Seneca Falls make sure to visit these statutes, take in the beauty of the river.

The chance meeting of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Amelia Bloomer

The Ripples of Change Statute Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Laua Cornelius Kellogg, and Martha Coffin Wright

The Trinity Episcopal Church – now an apartment building was connected to many of the abolitionist and women’s rights activities. It is directly across from the statutes.

And lastly, the Erie Canal walkway is another spot to take in the beauty of the river and enjoy the area.

Here boats can tie and stop to visit the area as they continue their journey on the Erie Canal.

Cayuga-Seneca Canal

Having written about the locks of the Erie Canal in former blogs was pleased to find one near the Stanton home. Let’s take a glimpse..

What a massive structure, this picture does not give it justice.

The doors which hold back the water.

The sides of the lock.

Another view..

Closer view of the doors to the lock..


Seneca Falls, New York

Central New York has a long history of fighting for Women’s Rights. On this sunny March day decided to take a trek to this area starting at the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Home.

Early Beginnings

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born of privilege to a Boston based family where her father was a prominent lawyer and later circuit district judge. She was educated at the now Emma Willard School in Troy, New York, where women such as Jane Fonda were educated in present day. She married Henry Stanton, a young lawyer whom she met through friends. He was an abolitionist, and with his health poor, it is believed he suffered from asthma, and career not blossoming, her father suggested the young family move to Seneca Falls where he owned a home.

Her father gave Elizabeth the home on two conditions – she would maintain the home in her name, and renovate the property as it was in disrepair. Elizabeth did both as she cared for her 2 sons and increased their family during their stay from 1847 to 1862 to 5 boys and 2 girls. In this area Henry’s health and career also prospered.

Views of the Property

The Drawing Room

An 1840 desk similar to what Elizabeth would have written on.

Intellectual Stymie

Though Elizabeth enjoyed the area her intellectual stimulation was dwarfed. In Boston she had contact with many educated neighbors such as Thoreau and Emerson, however, this area was filled with Irish immigrants, and those who spoke no English. No longer did she have the interesting conversation or debates of Boston.

She wrote her friends and began contact with Susan B. Anthony, a married woman without children who was the direct opposite of Elizabeth, a known party girl. Together they promoted the cause for women’s rights with Elizabeth’s stories blending with Susan’s travel information.

Besides writing Elizabeth also farmed the land having a functional homestead with vegetables and an orchard. And in 1862, when her husband was given a post at the Customs House in New York City, the home was then sold with the family moving to New York.

However, this was not the end of Elizabeth’s work, she continued working as an agent of social change in New York City.

Syracuse Home Show…

was held on the New York State Fairgrounds – good to see this spot being repurposed and used for more venues.

Thanks, Andrew.

Got a handful of free fertilizer packets at this site. Can understand why tree removal so expensive as this truck costs $300,000.!

What a nice vendor. If you have a chance, give him a call for an estimate.


For $10. 35, (inclusive of credit card fees), got enough pens, recyclable bags, and candies to last for quite awhile. Interesting to see all the new items on tap from the home improvement industry. Here’s some pics to wet your appetite for all those spring renovations for your home.

This vendor walked through the site with delicious freebies. Yum!

Got some great ideas on Syracuse area gardens to visit from this group. If I was in the area long term would consider joining them. What friendly folks with much gardening information. There has not been a garden show at the Fairgrounds since the Pandemic. Let’s hope Governor Kathy “plants” this idea with locals to get it going again.

The only flower display at the show.

Some Tupperware – always can use that..

Had a nice conversation with this man about President Carter – he’s still with us.. What an amazing post-presidential legacy he and Rosalyn contributed.

Green energy and mattresses – quite a combination..

What a fun outing..

Date Night or Is it Day?

Ventured out the next 2 days for what I call date night/day. Heard from folks I worked with of a great theater with comfy seats 30 minutes from Auburn.

In Camillus, New York, and they also have food and specials..

Saw the latest and last John Wick flick..

What an amazing romp, and so much beautiful scenery of Europe. Made me yearn for another European visit.

Though much killing I dwell on the artistry and dance moves of the action scenes. How Reeves does it at almost 60 years old is quite a feat!

A must see.

Next, late lunch at the mall area which is filled with amazing dining fare. I selected Indian..

What a great pick this was.

The waiter was a recent (1 month), transplant from India. His Uncle owns the place. Amazing food and service.

Tasty and well priced with enough food left for the following day. Hope I get a chance to revisit. Food as tasty as my visit to India 15 years ago.

And the day continues..

A play at the Auburn Public Theater –

Butterfly Confessions

This was quite a romp with the gals on stage relating stories of their lives in tales, songs, and poems. Amazing!

The Cast…

Then off to bed as all this was done on 2 hours sleep..

Auburn Public Theater has much to offer with great variety. For more info check out their web site:

Stay Tuned: Tomorrow another interesting Auburn spot

The Calamari Sisters – Ruth and Carmella

Didn’t know what to expect from this show but knew I needed to laugh and this was an answer to a prayer. Two “gals” from Brooklyn sang, did jokes, made jelly shots, and created mayhem based on the life and times of the 1980’s. What a hoot!

Here they are in their final number – 1980’s music will never be the same.

Whoever thought 2 Pampered Chef, independent consultants, could create such a ruckus with their jokes and stories, parading and dancing their way through the audience. Catch them at or 347-349-5579.

More shots, actually a recipe for their Jello Shots – distributed to audience members who aced the Play That Tune question.

Here they are visiting with the audience promoting Habitat For Humanity donations.

And get a load of Ruthie’s boots..

Then there is the flirting with the boys..

Girls just gotta have fun!

The audience participation game shows..

Here’s their biz card, look them up for a nite of fun filled with laughter..

Brewster Inn

Since Lincklaen Inn had no dining available on Sunday was referred to the Brewster Inn down the street for brunch. This is another delightful Inn located on Cazenovia Lake with beautiful decor and amazing food and service.

Another historic spot which has been operating as an Inn since 1880.

The Lobby and stairwell.

Loved this back stair. How romantic.

And this interesting 125 year old Meodon, circa 1897, in the lobby.

And on to brunch and more views..

What tasty fare and friendly servers!

And, of course, the views..

What an amazing visit!


This state historical site was formerly the home of the Lincklaen family. John Lincklaen was an agent of the Holland Land Company that was responsible for the early development of the area. Under John Lincklaen’s guidance the area was settled, industries created, and an active, thriving community developed. The home was the seat of the Licklean/Ledyard family for 160 years.

The home, a Federalist Mansion style was built in the spring of 1807 and completed in October 1808.

Lakeview from Lorenzo’s porch.

Shall we say priceless?

While not open during the winter months rambled through the snowy grounds imagining the summer garden growth.

The Stables and Visitor’s Center

The Garden Entrance and Children’s Playhouse

According to signage the Garden Walk was designed as an extension of the main hall of the mansion.

Think I need a summer visit to take in the gardens.

Built in approximately 1850, this cottage was designed for the residents only child, Helen Lincklaen Fairchild. It served as a playhouse for 5 generations of the family.

A closing view of the Lake walking back to the Inn.

Lincklean House

Spent a night in Cazenovia, New York, at this lovely, historic inn.

While I visited only a short time ago wanted to return to spend more time at this unique spot.

The Room

Was surprised the room to be so modern, and not what Expedia posted, however, it was comfortable and provided many amenities for the $125/nite rate. Staff at the Inn were charming, pleasant, and helpful. What amazing service and food – delicious.

The Foyer – an amazing spot for a fireplace stay in a comfy leather chair to read a book.

Another shot of those comfy chairs. Memories..

Many festivities occurred in the main level dining rooms on this day.

The downstairs Pub had a varied menu – salads, wraps, burgers, meals.. YUM..

And another fireplace in the Pub to warm those cold feet.

Following a delicious lunch took a walk to the Lake where I was able to recharge the EV and myself..

What a winter wonderland..

Next. Lorenzo – beautiful in summer and winter.