Syracuse Home Show…

was held on the New York State Fairgrounds – good to see this spot being repurposed and used for more venues.

Thanks, Andrew.

Got a handful of free fertilizer packets at this site. Can understand why tree removal so expensive as this truck costs $300,000.!

What a nice vendor. If you have a chance, give him a call for an estimate.


For $10. 35, (inclusive of credit card fees), got enough pens, recyclable bags, and candies to last for quite awhile. Interesting to see all the new items on tap from the home improvement industry. Here’s some pics to wet your appetite for all those spring renovations for your home.

This vendor walked through the site with delicious freebies. Yum!

Got some great ideas on Syracuse area gardens to visit from this group. If I was in the area long term would consider joining them. What friendly folks with much gardening information. There has not been a garden show at the Fairgrounds since the Pandemic. Let’s hope Governor Kathy “plants” this idea with locals to get it going again.

The only flower display at the show.

Some Tupperware – always can use that..

Had a nice conversation with this man about President Carter – he’s still with us.. What an amazing post-presidential legacy he and Rosalyn contributed.

Green energy and mattresses – quite a combination..

What a fun outing..

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