Savannah Visit

Nice officer

At 2:30 a.m. I began my journey north and after 3 hours of I 95 the Savannah exit called to me. Since I hadn’t been there in 15 years, it was time. Upon entry to the City I was greeted by a friendly, young, bald, police officer. Would someone please tell me why these sweet young things shave their head? For another blog.. Well, from this lovely young man I learned the Savannah rules of the road without a ticket. To tell the truth I think he was more interested in the packed contents of the car than the rules, however, I learned to, “Watch the signs painted on the street.” After our visit I was off to explore the early morning hours of the City.

Parking near St. John the Baptist Cathedral I checked the mass schedule and realized I had 2 hours to explore. Starting with architecture enjoy these pictures of the beautiful homes in the area. Each one has a different flavor and style.

An added bonus for the area is the Savannah School of Art and Design (SCAD). Student art is displayed throughout the City. Many student pieces were displayed in the De Soto Hotel lobby and in the 1540 Room where I ate breakfast. Never had a seafood omelet and it was tasty. Stop in and take a peek.

Once again a police presence looms. Antique police cars on display.

Then onto the unique cemetery next to the police station. In this cemetery many prominent former residents are laid to rest in beguiling crypts surrounded by beautiful flowering trees. Nice tribute to these folks.

Savannah is a city of small parks known as squares. A captivating one was a tribute to an Indian Chief, Tomo Chi-Chi. In the square is his grave.

Near the Chief’s grave is an enticing museum, however, with time of the essence it will be for next visit. This exquisite exterior must house fascinating exhibits. Go and tell me about The Telfair Academy and Museum. I’m sure I’ll be jealous I missed it.

God The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

After mass I passed by a historic post office, some quaint shops and restaurants then came across a tribute to Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. Juliette was a resident of Savannah and her home is open to the public. A must see for all Girl Scouts, as I did on my last visit.

In departing a new route appeared, 17 North. This route includes a spectacular bridge affording breath taking views of Savannah harbor. After the bridge was more natural beauty which is part of Savannah Natural Wildlife Refuge.

Onward for another 300 miles, North Carolina here I come. In the meantime, I am now traveling through South Carolina, Colbert Country. Wonder if I’ll bump into him in a rest stop as he returns to New Jersey? You never know.

Farewell Savannah

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