Endview Plantation

This Plantation dates back to 1622 when the Harwood’s, an English family, came to America. It is named as the home is the endview from the road.

The Harwood’s were politicians and magistrates. At first friendly with the Indian population later war broke out and with colonist victory the Indians relocated to another area of Virginia.

Reconstructed Dairy Building

Fast forward to 1858 when the property owner was Dr. Humphrey Harwood Curtis and his family of 11 children. Here he conducted his medical practice and grew wheat, corn, potatoes, and had livestock on the farm. Slaves assisted with home and farm duties.

The family fled during the Civil War returning in 1865 and struggled to maintain the farm. Humphrey died at 49, however his wife lived till here until her death at 82 and with children assisting maintained the land.

In 1985 the property was rented out and in 1995 Newport News purchased the property for a museum.

There is a family cemetery from the 1700-1880’s,

and a lovely nature walk. At the time of visit daffodils were in bloom.

An enjoyable visit to a unique piece of history.

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