The Feng Shui Office

In Feng Shui the desk, stove, and couch are the three crucial elements of the home. Knowing that let’s talk about the desk for your home office. Choose a wooden desk that is sturdy with round edges to avoid sharp arrows which are attacking energy from pointed angles. Keep the desk functional and clutter free with adequate space for necessary work.

Desk placement should be in front of a wall and in command position, meaning the ability to see the door from where one sits. Behind the desk select book shelves or art work which is uplifting and related to your career. Avoid desk placement looking out a window or facing a wall.

As to the desk chair choose one that is ergonomically correct as well as strong and supportive. Clean the chair often.

And for office lighting consider a standing lamp behind the desk. Use no fluorescent or curly light bulbs as chi is confused by these. Standing lamps are supportive.

Have plants in the office for air purification. Live floor plants which reach upward encourage growth and smaller plants with rounded leaves create harmony. Have both.

Keep living, healthy plants in your office. Use silk plants if you lack a green thumb. No cactus or potpourri.

Consider color and smell.. Choose calming colors that are complimentary to your business style and vision. Consider atomizers with an Earth-tone base. Make the office one of comfort and a pleasing place to work.

The Office Cubicle

Organization is key.

So, what do you do if you are in an office cubby?? Many of the above ideas can be modified to accommodate a comfortable work space. If facing the cubicle wall place a mirror on the wall so there is ability to seen those entering the work space. No surprises..

Good luck on your new position.

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