Asheville: The Thomas Wolfe House

Thomas Wolfe is one of America’s foremost authors. He grew up in Asheville before taking New York and the world by storm with his writings. His boyhood home was one of charm and elegance. It was here he grew up with his mother and eight siblings while she ran a boarding house. During peak season in the early 20th century she had as many as 40 patrons paying $1.50 a day for lodgings and meals. Asheville was thought to be curative for those with TB and the like during this era. Listening to the docents story of Thomas’ mother it is no wonder Thomas had stories to tell. What a fascinating visit.

There also is a museum associated with the home. Here many treasured Wolfe items are housed. The State has done an impeccable tribute to their native son and this is a must see.

Here are a few pictures of the home.

The Parlor
The Dining Room
The Porch
The Kitchen

Guest Rooms

Not far from the home is the burial place of Thomas Wolfe. It is cemetery filled with many notable citizens, government officials, and the burial site of O Henry. At Thomas’ grave site visitors leave change and pens, (as I did), in a token of gratitude.

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