Maggie Valley: St. Margaret of Scotland Church

Took a 2 day jaunt to Cherokee, North Carolina, to visit the Cherokee Reservation, see the outdoor play, Unto the Hills, and visit Harrah’s Casino. Traveling through Maggie Valley found several beautiful sites..

While on the road came across this sign and decided to make a visit. Have been praying for fertility on several of my daughter’s friends, let’s hope St. Margaret heard..

During covid the Church streamlined services on line as did many churches.

The Church

The interior – one side of the church is entire windows. Even if not religious what a view.

Front View
Side View

Chapel to Mary – lit a candle. Visiting a new church one is allowed 3 wishes. Made mine.

The Church also has a retreat center.

During the Pandemic many have found their faith. What a beautiful spot for reflection.

Who couldn’t reflect in this beauty?

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