Itchy Palm and Foot: Departure Edging Near

Besides having an itchy palm and foot as I think of the North Carolina visit, I also have a refrigerator to empty. This is an event, and for all who haven’t been blessed, read on.

This process started about 3 weeks ago when I realized I had purchased much, too much, from Aldi’s. For some reason I like their microwavable meals. They are tasty and those Germans know how to cook. I started here, and quickly ate up those treats.

Now, as I am coming closer to the wire, I have developed some concoctions that I wish to share. They aren’t Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart quality, but, maybe Sandra Lee would enjoy. Here it goes:

Sauerkraut with bacon chips. Running low on veggies I went for this blend. I microwaved the two ingredients, but, they could be served cold. Great and interesting combo.

The next thing I developed was fish with nuts, olive oil, garlic seasoning, olives, and sun dried tomatoes. Since the olives, and nuts are now history, here’s a pic of tilapia with seasoning and sun dried tomatoes.

My final and favorite creation was watermelon juice and cabernet sauvignon or merlot. Wow, is this a great taste sensation. Even better than sangria. Give it a whirl. To make watermelon juice merely throw the fruit in the blender and purify.

And I even used up my bottle of wine from Jordan to boot.

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