To Las Vegas

Started off my Las Vegas trek from Charleston, West Virginia. The Yeager Airport is one of those small airports that are a jewel, similiar to Daytona Beach Airport. The TSA folks are friendly, bathrooms spotless, and parking close to the terminal, and somewhat reasonable. Perhaps the best part of the Yeager Airport visit was the song posted in the bathroom to wash your hands by. Rather than, “Happy Birthday, to you…,” signage of John Denver’s lyrics were posted. Made me smile as did most of the trip to come.

The United staff were friendly, and while in close quarters all wore masks, and no one conversed with their seatmate. Maybe there is some good things which came from this virus?? Flight went quick and before you knew it landing in Chicago occurred.

Was surprised that Chicago O’Hare was so crowded.

Love their upgrade with art from local school kids.

And on to Las Vegas in record time. Las Vegas airport was a barren wasteland.

This came as a surprise, however, they still employ friendly folk to guide you to cabs and the like. Nice touch. Thanks, Las Vegas and here she is..

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