The Shakers of Pleasant Hill

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Mother Ann Lee, Foundress,

Courtesy Pinterest

The Shakers came to America from England to escape religious persecution in the late 1700’s. Their community grew into 8 states with nearly 5,000 members. They were pacifists and in worship sang and danced. Their dance often caused shaking, thus the name. Men and women lived apart and were celibate.

Shaker Dancing

Their communal life style promoted a longer life with Shakers living till 75 years of age while others during this time period died at 45.

Each community house had a separate entrance for men and women, note the 2 doors.

In 1806, the Shaker community branched out to Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, from their first community in New Lebanon, New York. The community grew to almost 500 members within 15 years on 4,000 acres. Pleasant Hill had 5 settlements of approximately 100 members each. Each settlement housed 100 members, however, when crises rose all settlements worked in unison to maintain other settlements needs.

Shakers were entrepreneurial and innovative. They developed medicines, seeds, furniture, brooms, architectural masterpieces, and a wide variety of farming innovations. Here at the Village all is on display for viewing.

The famous Shaker broom. Note the pegs the brooms hang from a design created to maintain order.
Shaker ice chest
Shaker harvesting equipment
Washing and Drying Area
Tobacco Drying in one of the Shaker barns. Shakers were noted for barn construction.
Post Office and Trustee’s Office Shaker women were leaders involved in the Community business.

This living museum was beyond amazing with so much to see and learn about Shaker life. Rooms are available on the property in the Shaker buildings. Amenities and Shaker furniture reproductions are 21st century in these rooms.

At the Trustee’s Office there is a restaurant with reasonably price food which is delicious. Walking and hiking paths are available within the Village. During the summer season there is a boat ride on the river nearby. Children especially loved this venue, however, it is for children of all ages.

This visit was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable visits I have ever taken. The Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill is an undiscovered jewel to partake. A must see and do.

A Shaker Sunrise

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