Lake Tahoe

After a long and arduous drive through the mountains was excited to finally get a peek at this august body of water.

Then came across the Cave Rock area pull out. Cave Rock was a spiritual area for the first inhabitants of Lake Tahoe, the Washoe people.

Lake Tahoe fun facts according to Auntie Google and area signage:

  • Is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world
  • It borders on Nevada and California
  • It is deeper than the Empire State Building is tall
  • It is over 2 million years old
  • It has no outlet, it evaporates
  • While it does not freeze, it can carry water temperatures as low as 39 degrees

Stopped at my favorite store, Dollar Tree, along the route. The store was directed to close by 4:30 pm as winds had changed and there were fire safety concerns. While checking out locals told me of a route to take as some routes had been closed. Several miles down the road some damage was seen.

Park closure and thank you signs for fire fighters were everywhere along the drive.

Stopped at Emerald Bay along the route. While all areas were closed, could not pass this one up. This is a must see.

Fanette Island is the island in the middle of Emerald Bay. Here a Norweigan woman, Lora Knight, built a Scandinavian castle, Vikingsholm in 1929. Mrs. Knight also had a tea house on Fanette Island. The Castle is close to this area, next visit.

Will return in better, and safer times. Oh the perils of climate change.

One wonders, what must the animals think about all that is transpiring?

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