Richard Nixon Library: Boyhood Home, Oval Office in the Sky, and Graves

This visit was recommended and glad I went. Much is to be learned of this man who was considered by many an enigma.

Boyhood Home: A Charming Sears Catalog Home, 1912

Nixon was one of 5 boys. His mother was college educated, and while his father had little education, it was he who instilled his son’s debate skills round the kitchen table. There the issues of the day and politics were often discussed. The family had a grove of lemon and orange trees on the property, however, that could not support the family so later when his father heard of automobiles he bought a gas station. This was successful as it was the only one in LA. Richard often worked long hours at the combination gas station and market.

Just down from the boyhood home is the Oval Office in the Sky. It served presidents JFK, LBJ, RMN, and GF. This 1961 Sikorsy was built in Straford, Connecticut at a cost of $1 million, which by today’s standard would equate to $8.6 million. While not open for tours a glance through the helicopter windows provides much insight.

Walking back toward the Museum are the graves of the President and Mrs. Nixon.

Next: President Nixon’s Accomplishments

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