Martin Luther King Birthday: January 15th

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While Saturday is the actual date of Martin Luther King’s birthday we celebrate today. Why? A law was passed to give folks a three day weekend. Other than that I am unsure.

However on the celebration this year we have little to celebrate. Nineteen states have enacted thirty- three laws making it more difficult to vote. Why don’t these states be honest and say they only want white rich folk to vote. While white, I don’t fall in this category and even if I did , it disgusts me as:

In diversity there is strength.

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No diversity here, only fear what could be lost. However can you imagine what could be gained?


Being a travel nurse residing in Florida I vote by mail. Cannot tell you how many hoops I had to jump through as they inspected my voter registration card. And why? Well, I am a registered Democrat in a red state. Isn’t red communism? That was another blog. I digress..

While a college graduate I had difficulty with their queries, and quite frankly I was being harassed. They questioned my responses with such scrutiny I had to enlist of the support of several others to get my voter registration card approved and this took much time……………………

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New voter laws passed since the Big Lie change everything from limiting voting times, number of ballot boxes, how to sign the ballot envelope, notarization of ballot, limiting water consumption while waiting in line to vote, etc… And from what I’ve seen current lines can have up to a 6 hour wait. It’s dam hot and humid in the south during this time, and if a senior voter it’s life threatening.


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Well, back to my initial message..

Happy birthday Martin Luther King

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Martin really tried, but maybe we need to wave a magic wand to get this changed permanently.

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On another note: Three Highlights for the week..

  • Supreme Court blocks Biden Vaccine Mandates 6-3 conservative line voting
  • Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with “peditious conspiracy,” maximum penalty 20 years
  • Prince Andrew looses titles.

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