Brooklyn Museum – The Dior Exhibit

Behind this display was a film of Dior’s American visits and throughout the exhibit paintings of Paris and works by French artists were displayed.

Early Dior
The fitted waist – a Dior trademark

What an extraordinary exhibit this was. It continues through February 2022. It is transforming.

Let’s start with a bit about the man.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior loved art and design, however, a career in this field was blocked by his family. After World War II this changed, and by the late 1940’s and 1950’s he became known as one of the most influential fashion designers of his time. While his career began in Paris his designs were quickly received by American women. He loved America and had many trips across the pond to promote his lines. Besides fashion he also designed perfume, jewelry, and cosmetics. Sadly he passed in 1957 at 52 years of age, however, Dior remains one of the world’s most influential and well respected fashion houses.

An avid gardener, his inspiration often came from flowers. Some examples..

Dior couture is often worn and photographed by the famous.


Dior loved to design evening gowns as he felt evening was an escape from life. This continues with the current Dior designers.

Next: The Dior Atelier and Dior Designers through the years

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