Voting in Florida

Today I should be writing about my idyllic visit to New York City, and I will. But returning a book to the library I was struck, literally struck by this. Campaign workers screamed at me attempting to stop my car to give me pamphlets for their party. One did succeeded as I feared I would drive over her. When I rolled down my window this young woman in her 20’s screamed, “Vote conservative.” I stated I vote Democratic, and rolled up the window. Gratefully, she moved away. I was saddened by this exchange, how does a young person not understand climate change with the weather in Florida, and having possibly 60 years left to live?

It is predicted in 30 years we can have days with 125 degree temperatures.

Conservatives are not going to address this as their agenda is pro life, banning gun legislation, and books in schools, and blocking any mention of the word gay.

This incident reminded me of what an acquaintance faced in Pennsylvania during a July 4th parade. A bus for doug mastriano arrived on the scene, and young people doggedly handed out his campaign flyers. doug mastriano is the republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, and he paid for buses to ship insurrectionists from Pennsylvania to DC for January 6th. When she said no to the pamphlets, and attempted to get away, she was chased. Absolute insanity, and again illegal.

Once in the library I told the election board officials of this incident. They had called the sheriffs, and these individuals were ticketed but they remained, no consequences. This is illegal, and I registered my concerns further, however, realized nothing further would be done.

Where is this going and worse yet does anyone care?

It’s always the loudest voice that gets the attention. I want to be louder.

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