To Rebuild, or Not to Rebuild…

Isn’t that the question?

Seeing the devastation in Florida it seems ridiculous to rebuild when another hurricane, one possibly even stronger, is on the horizon. However, where does one go to avoid climate change? Believe me as one who escaped this bullet I am concerned.

Articles state the best places to relocate are the colder climates since temperatures will be rising 6 degrees in the next decade. Then water concerns must also be considered. Realtors in Arizona are already selling houses and telling clients – “You realize there is no water source for this home.”

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So, here are the recommended US cities, unless you want to move to Greenland where they are using the glacial meltdown for energy. Isn’t that what the orange prez wanted to buy? My goodness, he did have insight into something..

I digress – here they are:

  • Boston
  • Minneapolis
  • Denver
  • States neighboring the Great Lakes – Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Have looked into Zillow for Denver. A trailer can be purchased from $70-125,000, however, these are in trailer parks, and lot rent cost adds on to the cost for this housing. Also, unsure if a trailer would survive a tornado, however, according to sources tornadoes in Denver are extremely rare.

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Much to consider. Let’s hope electric cars catch on.

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