Off a Bit..

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When you search gall stones on Pexels this is what you get – if only this was the case.

Been off a bit as was hospitalized and had gall bladder surgery. While my stone(s) was small, 1.6 cm, (was the largest), it provided havoc. Been struggling with gi concerns since January, and relieved/hopeful I have resolved this plight..

Being a nurse and in health care for almost 50 years, it is different being on the other side of the bed. Was extremely pleased with the care rendered by the Flagler Hospital nursing staff, and it helped to know the ER doc who I had worked with at the local free clinic. .

It’s not what you know, but who..

Since there is a “big box” medical practice in my area for this issue found it challenging to find another md in the practice for a second opinion, and I was not getting well, though my md said, and documented otherwise. Didn’t want to travel 50 miles so when the appointment scheduler listened to my concerns a provider was found within the big box practice for another opinion, and appointment made.

While I thought this only a second opinion I should have known better as mds never go against other mds.

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As soon as I entered the exam room for this appointment I knew something was wrong. The tech who took my vital signs was short with me, and cut me off. Then when the doctor came in things got worse with her “tone,” and while she gave advice she did not hear what I was saying and began to speak faster.

Don’t you just love those tones?

As she became tonier, if there is such a word, I asked her, what was the problem, and she told me, she did not do second opinions. She also stated not to have the gall bladder surgery, eat anything I want, and she would order medicine for the other condition I had, and treat that first. I agreed, and as of today 10 days post visit the medicine never came through, and quite frankly I was afraid to call she was so angry towards me.

So after this visit, went to my car cried for 15 minutes, then drove home.


Followed my new mds orders, and left my sourdough bread with orange marmalade diet eatting anything as she said. I had told her I could not eat anything without repercussions. Well, the Saturday baked chicken did me in with a horrific gall bladder attack, and now I am without a gall bladder. I have other questions related to my gi concerns, but will have to drive even further to find a consultant not associated with this big box practice.

Any ideas?

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