Take Your Vitamins – Hunter Biden

…As it is going to be one heck of a roll with the repubs coming for you. Since the Dems did so much legislating this past 2 years the repubs have little left to do but to dismantle what was done. Hunter is #1, on their agenda. Their agenda for the next 2 years will be to investigate and impeach the Biden administration. Let’s hope they leave social security alone, but Biden already said he’ll veto anything in that regard.

Have read that Hunter already paid back $1. million in back taxes, and his case continues to be investigated by the DOJ, (Department of Justice), but was wondering what he actually did? Know he overcharged for consultant work, attempted to give his dad, (President Joe), a key to his office, and rode with him on a plane when he was going to Europe. But, the orange prez did the later often with his kids, and not the ones who worked for him, so what is the beef?

Here’s a more in depth explanation from what I can surmise:

  • The lap top shows Hunter paid for Joe’s home repair bills to his Delaware home as well as some utility bills. What accounts Hunter used to pay for this is in question.
  • Pundits state Hunter traded in on the family name charging client 6-7 times what the going rate was for consultations. Gee, if they are willing to pay that, let them.
  • Hunter was a womanizer, and during his substance abuse days he had a child with a woman who he doesn’t recall meeting, however, DNA proves the child is his and he is supporting the child.
  • On a trip to China he received a 3 karat diamond from his associate who he had begun a private equity firm with. His father as VP met the man after the firm was established, and shook his hand.
  • Hunter has recreated himself, and is now an artist selling paintings from $75,000 to six figures. Was unable to find who is buying these painting.

Gee, not bad and price is the going rate.

But, let us end on a happy note… This weekend Hunter’s oldest daughter, Naomi Biden, married Peter Neal, a guy from Wyoming who she met on a NYC blind date several years ago. Both are lawyers. While the ceremony was private here is a snap from an attendee. The bride wore much lace in her Ralph Lauren gown. What a lovely backdrop.

Much good wishes are sent to the happy couple.

Stay strong.

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