The Whitney Museum

Attended the Whitney Museum for the Edward Hopper exhibit. Edward and his wife, Josephine Nivison, also a painter, and Edward’s muse, were native New Yorkers.

Edward’s wife, Jo. Sad this exhibit held no paintings done by Jo. It was stated that Edward painted exteriors, and Jo painted interiors. Perfect blend for marriage – opposites…

The couple married in their 40’s and lived in the Washington Square area of New York. They were avid theater buffs, and Edward often painted scenes of the theater. He worked in charcoal and oils. There was a fascinating documentary playing in the exhibit as well as and ongoing stream of an interview with the couple. The interview played with this Hudson River view as backdrop.

Perhaps Edward’s most famous work. There is a Hopper Museum in Nyack, New York, Edward’s birthplace, and where he lived his early years. If visiting Upstate check it out.

Other Hopper paintings..

Found this the most interesting piece of the exhibit. Hopper’s notebook. Priceless.

The Edward Hopper Exhibit is through March 5, 2023. A must see.

The Whitney Museum – History and Beyond

The Whitney was founded by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1930, (b. 1875- d.1942). Gertrude was the daughter of Cornelius II and Alice Vanderbilt. She summered at the Breaker’s in Newport, Rhode Island and was a talented sculptress. She longed for a life of purpose other than that of a wealthy heiress. Besides her own creative abilities she was also a patron to others in the arts.

Portraits of Gertrude

The Whitney has 5 floors of painting and sculpture with outdoor sculpture gardens on two floors.

Some favorites from their collection..

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