On to the Museum of Broadway

Upon departing from Little Island walked through the Meat Packing area of Manhattan and up 40 blocks to the Museum of Broadway. In the Meat Packing District there are many trendy shops and restaurants. Stella McCartney, Beatle Paul’s daughter, has her shop here.

The journey in pictures..

A Christmas decoration under construction – and completed..

The shops, and yes they sell real Christmas trees in NYC, and the Museum of Illusions which had a long line of teens awaiting entry.

School of the Visual Arts

While walking came across this college exhibit and explored it further. As a former prison administrator was fascinated by these proposed concepts and hopeful they come to fruition. Too many are incarcerated unfairly, this ruins lives, families, and generations.

The sad facts,

The journey continues – Macy’s Christmas windows

Then lunch at Margon’s before the Museum Visit

What an amazing Cuban sandwich – and love that Mexican beer. If you can’t read the sign, it is 136 West 46th St. – just off Times Square. Forgot to take a picture of the restaurant so had to return after hours. Great service – Tasty food – Authentic.

Museum of Broadway

After the long walk finally arrived at 145 W. 45th St., The Museum of Broadway. This newly ordained Museum is a nice tribute to all those wonderful Broadway plays and actors. Attended the first Tuesday of the month when pricing is more reasonable as it currently is about $50 per adult ticket, also entry is strictly timed, and tickets must be purchased in advance. However, as of this writing pricing has changed for students and seniors to $29. and $32, respectively on certain days. Check out their website for particulars https://www.themuseumofbroadway.com.

It is the typical museum with a movie to start you off, followed by a play timeline, then many long winded explanations of various plays. Since I was not in the mood to read found all these narratives offensive as I did the overzealous young Broadway junkies who worked at the Museum and followed you throughout the visit.

However, what I did enjoy was the costumes.

Lion King, Hello Dolly, Godspell

Annie, Cabaret, Pirates of the Caribbean


Broadway certainly has an impact on NYC economy as was stated in these two billboards.

Another interesting Museum piece was the backstage operations. Some photos..

There was also a nice tribute to Broadway Cares, an organization which does much to support AIDS victims, and many other folks in need.

All in all this was a perfect visit for a rainy day, but need to plan ahead for the rain.

Let’s end this visit with some folks celebrating New Year’s in the subway. What fun!

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