January 6th Committee Referrals

The January 6th Committee referred 4 congressmen to the House Ethics Committee for their refusal to testify at the Committee hearings. Sources say that these individuals met at a local Washington D.C. hotel as the proud boys in military garb guarded the hotel perimeter. It is stated further that in this hotel room the activities of the January 6th riot was planned.

While these individuals have been referred to house ethics for scrutiny it is doubtful they will receive their due. This is now a GOP led chamber and one referred is the house speaker.

Here are the names, I do not capitalize as have no respect for these individuals:

  • kevin mc carthy
  • andy biggs
  • scott perry
  • jim jordan

And there are many more who met in this hotel room, however, they were not called to testify at the January 6th Committee hearings.

Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

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