NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center

Today I made the time to visit the New York State Equal Rights Heritage Center, which I have known of since my first days in Auburn but didn’t visit. I should have visited this spot on my first day, but recall they were closed, and never believe in “shoulding” on myself.

Harriet has a little snow on her, which made the statute even more beautiful, and perhaps more representative of her journeys.

This building has a wealth of information on the area with friendly and eager staff to assist. Julianne gave me so much information I may never be able to accomplish all, but, will attempt. Here’s some of the amazing posters of the facility.

Was also grateful to hear Joe has Harriet Tubman on tap for 2024 inclusion on our $20 bill. Here is a beautiful artistic rendering from the museum.

Will be attending this walk so look forward to hearing more of this amazing woman…

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