Day 1: Check in and Musee d’orsay

Arrived at Hotel de la Comete in the 18th Arrondissement, of Paris at 3 pm. There are 20 Arrondissements in Paris, (translation: Administrative Districts), and the 4th is the most prominent/visited as this is the area surrounding Notre Dame. That said, my hotel was not the 4th, but, an ideal location as when I stepped off the curb from the Metro station I crossed the street and was at the hotel. Entry to the hotel had many stairs which I found challenging throughout my stay. In the subways it is rare to find elevators, therefore travel light for this visit. So many stairs in Paris, Oh Mon Dieu!

I digress.. whenever I arrive at a hotel or hostel I get the directions for the remainder of my hotel stay. The hotel staff gave amazing directions for the following 2 days.. What a relief. I find the hotel staff is most attentive then, and receptive to questions as they want positive reviews. Reviews can make or break any vendor.

After receiving directions, written ones, I made my way to the room. It was clean with a bathroom, and a balcony. While the furnishings were older for the price $166./2 days, including tax, it was a deal. Once again Expedia came through, and I receive nothing for this endorsement. Shucks!

View from the hotel room balcony later that evening.

Musee d’orsay

This is the only museum I visited in Paris as in reading reviews it provides a cross section of everything in the art world. The building in and of itself is a work of art. On the left bank of the Seine, it was a former train station built between 1898 and 1900, then in 1986 it became an art gallery. Lines were long for entry as I did not realize reservations were still needed, however, a woman my age was selling tickets so took the risk and entered in 5 minutes for a 4 hour stay. And did I say the tickets were at a bargain price? 3.2 million visited in 2022 and can understand why. So much to see! What a delight.

Let’s check out the building architecture first and tomorrow, some of the art.

Not your typical train station. Replica of the Statute of Liberty in front of the clock.

The long hall awaits as you enter.

Bust of Victor Hugo by Rodin with the ceiling of Musee behind the bronze.

A Bronze Warrior among the Museum’s Beaux-Art structure.

Another exterior shot of the Museum.

The brooding Seine from the windows of the Museum. Luckily, I had cold but sunny weather my entire stay with rain in the evening, but always bring that umbrella- a small fold down one.. HA!HA!

More views from the Musee windows..

The red crane in this picture is associated with the Notre Dame repair with reopening expected in 2024.

Loved this shot as I exited the Musee..

One more final note – the sexiest man alive in my opinion, President Macron. He has a 70 year old wife and is 45. Something all us old dames can strive for. He went to school with his stepdaughter who is a cardiologist in France.

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