Men and buying clothes

Recently I was at a store going out of business. It was the final days and the discount was 80%. I found a red American made toilet seat cover for $6.40 and tights at $2.60 a pair. Isn’t it amazing what you can find at these sales? I was grateful to find the tights as I paid $20 a pair in Belgium. Who knew Belgium in May would be 45 degrees? However, after this I now bring winter clothes with me whatever season I travel. Tights work and are a necessity. For those who don’t believe in global warming you are an ostrich. That means your head is in the sand.

I digress.. Back to the sale. At this store women had shopping carts stacked 3 foot high at check out. I found this peculiar as there was little women’s clothing left in the store. As I looked closer I found their entire carts held men’s clothing. Not knowing if I should inquire I quickly looked away.

The following day I was at the post office and asked my gal pal why this was the case. She stated men never buy their own clothing and it always falls on “the woman” to do this task.

I began to recall this was part of the job description when I was married in a former life. I will never forget the time “he” needed new sneakers. Nightly I heard complaints of leg pain but “he” refused to buy new sneakers though his were well worn. When I forced him to buy new sneakers a horrific argument erupted in the shoe department with the sales person hiding in the back room until we were ready to check out.

Gosh, I’m glad I am single.

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