What a mess he created

Bernie Sanders got Trump elected. 20 % voted Trump and had they voted Hillary we wouldn’t be in the mess we are.

We need someone with Mike B’s experience to guide us., his His knowledge of the world, gun control, economic reform ideas are key.

BS provides theatrics which is a distraction. He also lied on the 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper. Gee, that’s the same conduct we currently have in the White House. Not 4 more years of that. And by the way can you tell me what he’s done? Two laws naming public buildings.

Mike B is the right choice. Vote for him on Super Tuesday. We need him. The future of our world is at stake.

Here’s a roll call of his accomplishments:

  • Began a global company from scratch which is international and has 20,000 employees.
  • Mayor of NYC for 12 years.
  • Rebuilt that City post 9/11 structurally and economically creating over 40,000 jobs, increasing air quality by 50%, developing charter schools and increasing teacher salaries.
  • Funded and principle creator of Mother’s Against Gun Violence.
  • Began America’s Pledge on Climate Change with Gov. Jerry Brown and currently is the UN Ambassador on Climate Change working nationally and globally to change environmental practices.

He’s a doer, a changer, a leader, and most importantly:



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