Evanston Railroad Hub – Wyoming

Cruising through Evanston came by this building and decided to investigate. Knew Evanston had long been a hub of railroad activity, however, wasn’t aware of what was being done by a devoted group of railroad retirees to develop an Evanston Railroad Museum.

Visitor Center
The Tour Guide

Let’s start with a little history – In 1868, the Union Pacific Railroad began grading the area for Evanston railroad entry. A town rose from a tent and with a saloon and restaurant later built Evanston was born. On December 1st the first train arrived and a passenger depot opened June of 1869. The town was named for a railroad surveyor, James Evans, and a roadhouse and machine shop came later. These renovated sites remain with the machine shop used for area events such as weddings, proms, meetings, and the like.

The Machine Shop and memorabilia of the era

The Roundhouse was another interesting part of the tour. Trains were brought from the tracks via this turn style piece of equipment into the Roundhouse for repair.

The train would roll onto the tracks and the machine would turn delivering the railroad car into the roundhouse. Our guide gave us a ride on this machinery. What a hoot!
Final destination for train repair – The Roundhouse.
Interior of the Roundhouse

From here our tour led to where the real work was being done by those dedicated volunteers.

A bulletin board of activities.
Fixing the train from underneath

What a beauty – can you imagine what stories she could tell??

And for the future the volunteers are in talks with Union Pacific to acquire this structure. Wouldn’t it make a great brew pub? Such character.

For more information on this phenomenal tour – VisitEvanston.com or 800-328-9708.

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