Brooklyn Visit

Made an error in calculation on my return flight requiring 2 nights in New York rather than one. Had planned an overnight in Newark Airport as my arrival was at 8 pm and departure at 6 am., however, Newark was under construction and not allowing anyone to stay in the airport. Never like to leave an airport with early morning flights, especially in winter. Hotels are costly, and getting transport back to the airport even more problematic. Have met some fascinating folk on these airport overnights and never felt unsafe.

Newark Airport.

All that said… called Jeanie, the daughter, and she picked me up at the airport with future son in law, and Mo, the dog. Spent 2 glorious overnights in Brooklyn. Didn’t want her to rise at 4 a.m. for my early flight, however, she did as it is problematic getting to Newark from Brooklyn. While only 13 miles the cost is $90 in cabs due to the bridge tolls. Jersey transit does not operate 24 hours and NYC public transit connections are equally challenging.

Mo, the grand dog, was a little cold when he picked me up..

Jeanie lives in the 20th Avenue area of Brooklyn and for January and February I will be living there on another nursing travel assignment. She and future son in law are working the Sundance Film Festival where love first bloomed, (thank you Robert Redford), and I will be a Brooklyn girl.

Brooklyn Visit

What an interesting place Brooklyn is.. Here Russians and Chinese live together in harmony and the best of many worlds is seen in their foods. Some of my new neighborhood haunts..

No, this isn’t a garbage pick up.. This Chinese restaurant makes lunches for area businesses…

And last, but not least, the Russian Deli… YUM

Then there are the dress shops.. WOW!

Looks like 2022 is promising as a Brooklyn girl!

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